Must-Read Prestige Food Trucks Articles From 2018 Entering June

Written on June 6, 2018


If aspiring and current food truck owners alike can believe it … it’s already June 2018.

With that said, we don’t want this summer to pass aspiring and mobile kitchen owners by — we want you to reach all of your goals and make all of your dreams come true in the process. And, we plan on helping you out by showing off some of the best Prestige Food Trucks articles from the year so far.

Therefore, you will find a preview and link to some of the most informative food truck articles of 2018 entering June.

Must-Read Prestige Food Trucks Articles From 2018

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10 Reasons Why You Should Purchase A Food Truck


“If you don’t like your location for whatever reason in the food truck industry, then you can typically just find another place to set up shop (of course, you will have to look into rules, regulations, permits, laws, etc.). The opposite rings true with a sit-down restaurant, so you have to get the location right the first time around with one of these businesses.”

5 Reasons Why Restaurant Franchises Can — And Should — Enter The Food Truck Industry


“Being a recognized company can be a major benefit for a food truck business, for there are so many mobile kitchens sprouting up all across America. Having a brand/audience already set up will save your future food truck business a lot of time and effort, and it could also help lead to instant success, even though the food truck industry is not known as a get-rich-quick scheme.”

5 Reasons Why You Should Try To Make Your Food Truck Dream A Reality


“Take the leap now. Start doing your research about the food truck industry. Start asking food truck owners what they did to make their dreams come true. Start looking for ways to save up the money to buy your truck. Start creating recipes and testing out new meals in the kitchen. Take any step possible to get closer to your dream job today.”

You Can Become A Food Truck Owner In 2018 By Doing These 5 Things


“With that said, not everyone has settled on a food truck concept yet, and if you have, then take the next step by creating your recipes, meals and menus in general. You can perfect these types of things later (or now), but you do not want to wait until the very end to do everything, which is why it is okay if joining the food truck industry is a process for you rather than something that happens overnight.”

5 Common Roadblocks Of Aspiring Food Truck Owners


“When it comes to following dreams … most people are doing so in their spare time. There are so many food truck owners out there who had to juggle day jobs and try to make their dreams of becoming food truck owners come true. While they might have had 40 hours of work a week (or more), following their dreams could have added double-digit hours every week on top of that. Plus, it’s hard putting in work for something when you don’t see instant success, but such is the life of following dreams.”

5 Basic Things To Look Into When Starting Your Food Truck Journey


“This, more likely than not, is the reason why you are starting up a food truck in the first place. After all, it’s all about the food, and your passion is cooking. While this might not be the case for every single owner out there, because some food truck owners are entrepreneurs and see a great opportunity right in front of them, everyone should be able to agree on this: The food is the most important part.”

3 Things A Restaurant Franchise Should Consider When Opening A Food Truck


“The good thing about a food truck business is that you will, more likely than not, have fewer employees than you would have at a sit-down restaurant (bonus: startup and overhead costs tend to be cheaper than a sit-down restaurant on top of everything else). After all, there are only so many people you can fit inside of a food truck. Not to mention, you might only need one person handling the money/taking the orders and one person cooking the food.”

How You Can Break Into The Food Truck Industry In 2018


“Now is the perfect time to learn as much as you can possibly learn about anything relating to a food truck business. While you should continue that learning journey when you become a mobile kitchen owner, you are, of course, going to have less free time when you do become an owner, for food truck owners tend to put in a ton of hours every single week.”


Why Every Restaurant Needs To Get Into The Food Truck Industry


“Not only that but a large franchise would likely have less work to do when it comes to opening up food truck businesses because food trucks tend to have fewer employees than sit-down restaurants (in some cases, it is just the chef and possibly an employee or two). Plus, you don’t technically have to look for the perfect location since food trucks are mobile and can be in multiple locations as a result, although permits, regulations, rules, laws, etc., do come into play.”

Things You Need If You Want To Become A Food Truck Owner


“Believe it or not, a business plan is still essential. This plan is, ideally, going to map out your entire business, so while the words “business” and “plan” might not be too exciting to a person who just wants to get to the cooking portion of a food truck, said words should still excite you because a business plan is mapping out your mobile kitchen’s future, in a nutshell.”

Types Of Businesses That Could Benefit From Starting A Food Truck


“A food truck business makes an expansion a real possibility for smaller restaurants and bigger restaurants alike. After all, we are talking about a much smaller building here, for a food truck is much smaller than a restaurant in most cases. Therefore, there will likely be less equipment to buy, the rent should be cheaper (you can just buy a food truck outright, although other things, such as permits, are still necessary), you will have fewer employees to hire and the list could go on and on.”

Whether you’re trying to break into the food truck industry or you already have an established mobile kitchen business (or anything in between), we wish you nothing but the best in 2018!

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