How You Can Break Into The Food Truck Industry In 2018

Written on January 17, 2018


Changing your life is tough. Likewise, chasing your dreams and becoming the person you want to be is … well, tough.

If it were easy, then everyone would be working at their dream jobs, but that, of course, is not the case.

With that said, aspiring food truck owners are likely wondering this question: How can I break into the food truck industry in 2018?

There are many ways to break into the mobile kitchen industry, and some people’s paths are different. However, we are here to say this: You can break into the industry this year, and you can start that path by taking the four steps below.

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How You Can Break Into The Food Truck Industry In 2018

4.) Tell People Your Plan, And Then Do Some Trimming

Why should you tell people your plan? For starters, if you say something out loud, then it becomes real. You are forcing it out into the universe, if you will.

Here’s the bigger point of this step, though: If you want people to take you seriously — because people have a funny way of not taking others seriously when they are trying to follow their dreams — then you have to tell them your plan, and then do some trimming.

When following your dreams, you can’t afford to keep toxic people in your life. Therefore, you need to cut said toxic people out of your life. If your “friends” can’t take you and your dreams seriously, then are they really your friends?

Being what you want to be is hard enough, for people aren’t typically just handed their dream jobs, so you can’t afford to have non-believers of your dreams tainting your water.

Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t follow your dreams, that becoming a food truck owner is impossible. The only person who is allowed to hold you back is yourself. Of course, don’t be that person. Be the person who forgets the naysayers and does what he/she wants to do with his/her life from a career standpoint.

Successful people tend to cut negative people (and mindsets) out of their lives, and you need to do so as well.

3.) Take Action Every Single Day — In Other Words, Don’t Get Complacent

You can say how bad you want to be a food truck owner all you want, but your actions are going to do the real talking. If you really want to be a food truck owner, then prove it to yourself by taking action every single day.

Don’t get complacent, and don’t revert back to your old habits of not taking action when it comes to your goals and dreams.

Even if it’s only for 30 minutes a day, do something that is going to get you closer to entering the food truck industry, such as coming up with your food truck’s name, creating menus, building your business plan, looking for investors, saving up money or whatever it might be.

While it’s okay to be a dreamer, you also need to be a doer if you are going to make your dream of becoming a lunch truck owner come true.

Take action. Every. Single. Day.


2.) Learn, Learn, Learn

Now is the perfect time to learn as much as you can possibly learn about anything relating to a food truck business. While you should continue that learning journey when you become a mobile kitchen owner, you are, of course, going to have less free time when you do become an owner, for food truck owners tend to put in a ton of hours every single week.

If you don’t know about permits, regulations, rules, laws, etc., start learning about them. If you don’t know how to create a business plan, then start doing your research. If you aren’t a social media expert, then start reading articles about social media. If you don’t know much about running a business, or the food truck industry, then start doing your homework now.

Become so obsessed with learning that, well, it’s the only thing you do during your free time. Gaining more knowledge will never be considered a bad thing for so many obvious reasons.

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1.) Let Your Passion Take Over

More likely than not, cooking food is your passion, and you should let that passion (and everything that is involved in it) take over.

Fall in love with the process. Your journey of becoming a food truck owner starts today — if you want it to start today, that is.

While it’s stressful to work at a job you don’t love while also trying to pursue your dreams, embrace the struggle. Have fun. Experiment with new recipes. Spend your Friday and Saturday nights doing things that are going to prepare you for this industry once you join. Eat at food trucks in your spare time and ask owners question after question. Study famous chefs. Go to food conferences of any kind. Talk to business owners. Cook. Let your passion take over.

The journey — and the fun that accompanies it — can start right now if you want it to.

While there are many steps when it comes to breaking into the mobile kitchen industry, and one journey can be different from the next, we hope the four steps above can help you make your dream of becoming a food truck owner come true.

Good luck, and stay passionate and hungry every step of the way! If you want this bad enough, you will do everything in your power to make your dream come true. Even if you can only afford to spare a couple hours a week on this dream, then that’s better than no hours. Any form of taking action is better than not taking action.

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