Types Of Businesses That Could Benefit From Starting A Food Truck

Written on May 9, 2018

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While it is very common to see an aspiring chef enter the food truck industry via a mobile kitchen business for the simple fact that this type of person wants to cook food for a living, more and more people have started to jump aboard.

Not only will you see individuals entering the food truck industry now but you will also see big-time companies.

Think you were made for the food truck industry? Great! If you know your way around the kitchen and are also business savvy, then a mobile kitchen could be a very wise decision, to say the least.

With all of that said, this industry is growing, and to show that off, we are going to highlight four different types of businesses that could benefit from starting a food truck (spoiler alert: these types of businesses have already made an appearance in this industry, and you could be next!).

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Types Of Businesses That Could Benefit From Starting A Food Truck

  • University/College
  • Sit-Down Restaurant
  • Entrepreneurs And Business Owners
  • Restaurant Franchise


Why would a university/college want to open up a food truck business? The answer is simple, really.

Universities tend to put on a ton of events throughout the year, especially during the first couple weeks of the school year (and a little before) to help get new students acclimated to the school in the form of meeting new people and learning about what is all available at the university in question.

Now, during this time, universities tend to cater during lunchtime, although every school is different. Since the catering tends to take place outside, a food truck would be the perfect venture, if you will, to take over. Of course, there tends to be a ton of people in a university setting, so opening up a few trucks might be more ideal, or just the one if we are talking about fewer people and a smaller setting.

Nevertheless, food trucks are trending and food lovers tend to get excited when they hear about a food truck nearby as a result, so a university could really benefit by bringing its own mobile kitchen to the industry.

Sit-Down Restaurant

A sit-down restaurant already has a way of serving food for the simple fact that it is, of course, a restaurant — that is the nature of the entire business. So, why would a sit-down restaurant want to open a food truck?

Once again, the reasoning behind that is simple.

A food truck business makes an expansion a real possibility for smaller restaurants and bigger restaurants alike. After all, we are talking about a much smaller building here, for a food truck is much smaller than a restaurant in most cases. Therefore, there will likely be less equipment to buy, the rent should be cheaper (you can just buy a food truck outright, although other things, such as permits, are still necessary), you will have fewer employees to hire and the list could go on and on.

A food truck business tends to be cheaper than a sit-down restaurant when it comes to overhead costs and startup costs, making it a great short-term and long-term solution if you want to expand on your sit-down restaurant business.

Food Truck


Entrepreneurs And Business Owners

Not only is a food truck a good option for cooks and chefs but it is also a great option for entrepreneurs and business owners alike.

Once again, food trucks tend to have relatively low startup and overhead costs when compared to other ventures (like a sit-down restaurant), and when you add in the fact that a food truck doesn’t need that many employees to operate (in some cases, it’s just the food truck owner and possibly an employee or two), it is a no-brainer for entrepreneurs and business owners to enter this fine industry.

While you still have to have a high-quality product and also know what you are doing in the kitchen, so many people enter this industry lacking business skills. Entrepreneurs and business owners are known to be business savvy, so if they also have the cooking part down, they can see some real success.

Just as a friendly reminder, you have to wear many different hats as a food truck owner.

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Restaurant Franchise

For all of the reasons stated above, we believe every restaurant franchise should enter the food truck industry.

Why else would opening up a food truck business be a smart move for a restaurant franchise, though?

For starters, your brand is already built in (you already have social media accounts, customers, a recognizable logo, etc.), so luring customers to your food truck should be a lot easier than if you were just starting out. Plus, cross-promotion can take place in the form of your food truck promoting your restaurants and your restaurants promoting your food truck(s).

Restaurant franchises also have the necessary funds to open up multiple food truck locations, so you can target your customers all over the map … in places where your food concept is really popular, food trucks are really popular or a combination of both.

A restaurant franchise could even use a food truck as a full-time catering service. It could also bring a combination of catering and serving food in selected locations to the mix.

All in all, food trucks are making it possible for more and more people to follow their dreams in the food industry. Not only that but this industry is perfect for so many different people and businesses … such as the people and businesses mentioned above.

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