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Written on September 21, 2015

Kevin Harrington (Original Shark from Shark Tank)

Kevin Harrington (an original Shark from the hit television show Shark Tank) is with us today explaining why Prestige Food Trucks is the company you need to build your food truck with!


HipPOPs Handcrafted Gelato Bars

custom food truck builder manufacturer vending mobile concessions trailer prestige trucks - hip hopDear Jeremy, I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for helping me find a solution with my power issues regarding our POPtruck. Because we were the first to build this type of truck, which is not your typical Food Truck, we had power issues. These issues prevented our operations team to smoothly manage events on a daily basis on the truck. This situation went on for approximately 1.3 years. I found your company while searching the internet and saw you were a sponsor at ROAM 2013. I really wanted to have the repair done outside of South Florida and after meeting with you several times, I decided to give you the opportunity to see what you could do. Although there were some timing issues, the end result was great. We have not had a day since the beginning of the year when the team was concerned about maximizing the opportunity of sales at a vending event. I am confident that our team could do a 15-hour event and never worry about a power issue. Thank you again for your help. I look forward to working with you on our franchising initiative in the future.   Cool regards,   Anthony L. Fellows Chief POP Officer HipPOPs Handcrafted Gelato Bars 

Culinary Cab Food Truck

custom food truck builder manufacturer vending mobile concessions trailer prestige trucks - culinary cabThe team at Prestige Foods Trucks are consummate professionals. They offered support for their products throughout the buying process. The fact that they build their own trucks and understand the business makes all the difference when dealing with this team. We are very happy with the truck we bought and are glad that Prestige was able to work us a great deal on a great used truck. It’s not easy to get a truck from Orlando to Pittsburgh but Prestige committed themselves to the process and now we have our wonderful new “Culinary Cab”. Prestige will be top of the list if our company ever needs another truck.

Apollo Burgers Food Truck Testimonial

DSC03440I wanted to thank you and Jordan for the sacrifices of time and hard work for making this happen. I know I have asked for a lot and at every turn, and you ALL have made it work. When my brand was at risk for a commitment you all went out of your way to make it happen. Thank You and to everyone at Prestige. There is no question you will have the second truck and more to follow from us and our Utah half.r Utah half.


Thai This Food Truck

We have been in business for seven weeks now with our custom food truck builder manufacturer vending mobile concessions trailer prestige trucks - thai this testimonialcustom built food truck from the good people at Prestige Food Trucks. We are just coming off of two weekends in a row where we did big festivals; one of which had 35,000 people in attendance for the four days. Our truck not only looked the part, but it preformed like a brick and mortar restaurant, especially considering our hours of operations for this event were 8:00 am to 4:00 am. Not only have we gotten two perfect health scores with our truck that Prestige built for us, but the local health inspectors have asked us to let them use our truck to teach their new inspectors what a mobile unit should be set up like. Also, the support and over all care that Jeremy and his crew have shown for us have not only been unexpected, but honestly have been overwhelming for my wife and I who have always wanted to be business owners. We would recommend anyone who is thinking about starting a mobile food service business to weigh all your options with the best one being to let Prestige Food Trucks give you piece of mind. The most important aspect of this kind of business is your ability to have a great working kitchen and a great looking truck, so when you pull up somewhere to work, you already have credibility from the look and design of your vehicle.

VooDoo Kitchen Food Truck

custom food truck builder manufacturer vending mobile concessions trailer prestige trucks - voodoo kitchenI am writing to express my gratitude to the team at Prestige Food Trucks. In May of 2013, I started the process of bringing my vision for Voodoo Kitchen to fruition. Jeremy Adams was the third food truck manufacturer I connected with and I immediately felt a sense of confidence after speaking with him. He took the time to ask me questions that no one else did about how I envisioned my operation, and offered clear, honest feedback and recommendations. We looked at starting from scratch with an empty truck, to looking at existing trucks for modification, and went back and forth numerous times. I never felt like I was being sold anything rather that I had a partner who wanted to help me get to where I wanted to be.During the design and build out phase, I was given a cost estimate and a timeline. I’ve heard stories from other operators who used other vendors and experienced significant delays and budget overages. Prestige delivered Voodoo Kitchen on time and on budget. Along the way, I was provided with contacts for financing, for POS systems, for vinyl wraps and more, creating a near one-stop shopping experience.


Miller’s Ale House Trailer

custom food truck builder manufacturer vending mobile concessions trailer prestige trucks - miller's ale house #1Jeremy Adams and his team just completed my trailer for Miller’s Ale House. I gave him a 4 1/2 week time line to bring a idea to life and they did that. Jeremy and his team even finished my trailer three days earlier then the date I gave them. The quality and workmanship was top notch. We will be calling on Prestige Food Trucks again when we are ready to build again. Thank you guys for all your hard work, it shows how much Jeremy and his staff love doing what they do for a living.

Twisted Plates Food Truck

twisted plates food truck orlando florida - custom food truck builder manufacturer vending mobile concessions trailer prestige trucks“Prestige did a great job with the truck, from Ian helping with the marketing to Jordan and Brandon making sure everything on the truck fit our standards. The truck turned out beautiful and is a perfect symbol of what our company stands for. Cleanliness, creativity, appeals to the masses and most of all it posses that “wow” factor, just like our food!”

– Christopher Leonas, Owner of Twisted Plates

Childer’s Chuck Wagon

DSC03300I’m Rob Childers Truck Wagon.

The project started off actually not with prestige, it started with a company  also down here in Hollywood Florida.

The company essentially con’d us out of our production, so we had to recoup all of our assets and with further research we found Prestige.

Had a great relationship right off the bat with Ian. We actually brought our old truck here, whatever was left with it and through some negotiations and they actually ended up very kindly purchasing the truck off of us giving us a brand new truck and starting from scratch.

Project was always very well updated, Ian was always just a phone call away if we had any questions, same thing with Jordan. We were very in tuned with the built out of the truck via photo files email.

A little delayed on the final completion of the build by 2 and a half weeks but that did not leave us disappointed I came down here today and picked up the truck. Everything is spectacular everything is to spec. At the end of this experience I can say with 100% assurance that if you work with Prestige you’re going to work with a great team and are highly skilled at what they do.

If you want to have your dreams come true their going to do everything in their power to make that happen Prestige has lived up to their name providing the world’s premier food trucks.

Renaissance Catering of Orlando

New Food Trucks For Sale Custom Builder Manufacturer Prestige Food Trucks Vending Trailers Mobile Kitchen Food Truck Builder Prestige Custom New Manufacturer Food Trucks13I am the owner of magic career pallet food truck my, company is called Renaissance Catering of Orlando.

I’ve been in business going on for years now, I started of  13 years ago with a catering company.

My first truck was built by a another company about 3 1/2 years ago and  overtime I need a lot of repairs done so, I came to prestige and they’ve done a lot of work on my truck for me and a lot of repairs for me, done a great job with, It and almost looks like a brand-new truck.

When I made the phone call to prestige it was like no problem they ordered the equipment that I needed and got here in 24 hours and by the time I got down here they had already gotten started on it they didn’t wait a day or two or three whatever.

As soon as equipment got there they were already on it.

When I came down the truck was almost half done pretty much , so I’m not losing any days on the road  basically where as other places you could’ve gone where I might have lost a week off of work, which I can’t afford to do to my business.

Prestige has done wonders for me, my truck ran pretty good for the first two years and then because it’s an older mile truck and other things from the builder that I probably I didn’t  know about that should’ve been done, that  should’ve  been done that wasn’t.

Prestige got in there and they fixed everything for me.

I would suggest and is going out to anybody in Central Florida ,in the whole state in the nation in other countries if you are looking to build a reliable truck with minimal and I mean minimal problems because nothings perfect I would go with  prestige they build the best trucks they build them the fastest.

It’s a wonderful commercial kitchen I would definitely run with Prestige I wouldn’t go with anybody else.




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