5 Reasons Why Restaurant Franchises Can — And Should — Enter The Food Truck Industry

Written on April 18, 2018


While you will see plenty of entrepreneurs, business owners and cooks entering the food truck industry, we believe restaurant franchises should follow that trend.

After all, there are many different reasons to enter the food truck industry, to say the least.

For the purposes of this article, we are going to focus in on five reasons why restaurant franchises can — and should — enter the mobile kitchen industry, and those reasons can be found below.

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5 Reasons Why Restaurant Franchises Can — And Should — Enter The Food Truck Industry

  • They Likely Have The Funds To Make It Happen
  • They Already Know What It Takes To Run A Food Business
  • Their Brand/Audience Is Already Set Up
  • The Ingredients/Meals Have Already Been Created
  • Food Trucks Bring Plenty Of New Qualities To The Table

5.) They Likely Have The Funds To Make It Happen

While so many aspiring cooks and chefs alike want nothing more than to be able to enter the food truck industry, a food truck is actually rather expensive (side note: food trucks tend to be cheaper than sit-down restaurants).

However, restaurant franchises likely have the necessary funds it takes to buy a food truck. At the very least, these types of businesses should have quite a bit of pull when it comes to the money department, so financing a food truck or finding investors is a real possibility — if a franchise decides to go that route, that is.

Part of the battle is finding the money to buy a food truck and all of the equipment. Luckily, restaurant franchises tend to open new locations all the time, and they can certainly afford to open a food truck business (or multiple businesses) if they so desire.

4.) They Already Know What It Takes To Run A Food Business

After all, a restaurant franchise has already opened up multiple locations, meaning it has seen a great deal of success in the food industry.

These types of businesses know how to create business plans, manage employees, do inventory and so many other business tactics that will be essential when it comes to running a food truck.

If a restaurant franchise can open up and run multiple locations (and successful ones at that) — which it can — then it can surely open up a food truck business and see some real success as well.

3.) Their Brand/Audience Is Already Set Up

Opening a food truck business takes a lot of work…

Not only does a business owner need the necessary funds but this same person also has to create a menu, manage employees, run a business, start up social media networks, market, advertise and the list could go on and on.

However, a restaurant franchise already has a brand/audience attached to it (at least in most cases). Of course, each location might have its own social media networks … and it might not. Nonetheless, an audience has still been created and people will still recognize the logo of the business when it is attached to a food truck.

Being a recognized company can be a major benefit for a food truck business, for there are so many mobile kitchens sprouting up all across America. Having a brand/audience already set up will save your future food truck business a lot of time and effort, and it could also help lead to instant success, even though the food truck industry is not known as a get-rich-quick scheme.


2.) The Ingredients/Meals Have Already Been Created

New food truck owners, of course, have a food concept in mind and then they create a menu along the way (before they open up shop). Even still, a new food truck owner might not know what is going to sell and what is going to be a dud, but such is the case with any product in any industry.

While the food truck industry is different from sit-down restaurants, restaurant franchises still should have a very good idea of what sells and what doesn’t sell in the food department, and they can use that knowledge at their food trucks.

On top of that, they can tailor their food that already does well at their restaurants to better fit the food truck industry.

When you combine food that people already love with a brand that people recognize, you are bound to have a winner once you take your restaurants mobile.

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1.) Food Trucks Bring Plenty Of New Qualities To The Table

Food trucks, needless to say, bring plenty of new qualities to the table. Unlike sit-down restaurants, food trucks are mobile, so they can go to multiple locations and aren’t stuck in one spot. This also makes it possible for a food truck to hit up food truck events, and it also makes catering that much easier.

The mobile aspect alone is reason enough for a restaurant franchise to join the food truck industry. In reality, that is really just the beginning.

If you are looking to take your restaurant franchise to the next level, then we highly recommend a food truck business or two.

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“This will make it so things are running smoothly, and it should also be easier to catch mistakes since you are working in a smaller space. Plus, you will have more time to do the things you love to do, such as cooking and trying out new recipes.”

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