You Can Become A Food Truck Owner In 2018 By Doing These 5 Things

Written on January 3, 2018


A new year is upon, and that means now is the time to take action.

Last year (during 2017, that is), it was okay to say you would start making your goals and dreams come true in 2018 … but 2018 is finally here, and if you don’t take action soon, then you are more than likely going to get back into your routine, a routine that features you not getting any closer to the dream that is you becoming a food truck owner.

You can become a food truck owner in 2017, but you need to start taking action, and you can start with the five steps below.

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You Can Become A Food Truck Owner In 2018 By Doing These 5 Things

5.) Create Your Business Plan

While many aspiring food truck owners might say they haven’t entered the food truck industry yet because they can’t afford to, which is a viable reason, there are still steps you can take today, such as creating your business plan.

Every business owner has to create one, and doing so could give you some much-needed motivation to start off 2018, because you will literally be in the act of making your dreams come true.

Most people look at the end goal as the treat, but the real treat is the journey you take to get to said end goal. You don’t need any money to create a business plan, and you have to have one, so get started today.

4.) Seek Funding

Not everyone has the necessary funds at their disposal to buy a food truck and all of the necessary equipment; however, many folks join this industry via funding.

Funding can, of course, come from a bank, investors, friends, family members and anyone with money, really. Prestige Food Trucks can also help you in the financing department. If there is no way you can realistically come up with the money to buy a food truck during this lifetime, then the key is to analyze your situation, and to seek funding along the way.

At the very least, you can start by saving money for a food truck today. This money could go toward a downpayment for a food truck if you decide to go the financing route.

3.) Look Into Viable Locations

While food trucks are mobile, which means they can go wherever you want them to go, you need to figure out where your best chances of succeeding are. If that means moving to a city/state that doesn’t get a lot of snow and cold weather, then so be it. If it means moving closer to the city, then move closer to the city.

Regulations, laws, rules, permits and things of that nature are going to come into play, but the key is moving forward each and every day when it comes to your goals and dreams, and an easy way to do that is by looking into food truck locations for your business.

Start looking at business districts in your area, and hotspots in general when it comes to people. Ask fellow food truck owners where they set up shop. Look into future catering gigs and events that you would love to enter.

The good part is you can take your food truck business to more than one place. In fact, you can take your food truck business to as many places as you would like. If you get a start on this search now, though, it will be one less step you have to worry about once you finally do become a mobile kitchen owner.

Reminder: Step by step, you will become a food truck owner.


2.) Figure Out Your Food Truck Concept

There are many aspiring food truck chefs who likely already know what they are going to cook when they open up shop. This is the passion side of the business, after all — cooking food, that is.

With that said, not everyone has settled on a food truck concept yet, and if you have, then take the next step by creating your recipes, meals and menus in general. You can perfect these types of things later (or now), but you do not want to wait until the very end to do everything, which is why it is okay if joining the food truck industry is a process for you rather than something that happens overnight.

Just remember, the more prepared you are before you enter the mobile kitchen industry, the more likely it is for you to succeed.

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1.) Do Something Every Day For Your Future Food Truck Business

You know, such as one of the things above.

We understand if you can’t enter the food truck industry tomorrow for the simple fact that you don’t have the money to purchase a food truck, but there are plenty of things you can be doing right now to make your dream come true.

Do not stand still in 2018. Take action. Get closer to your goals and dreams. No one gets everything they want overnight. It takes people years to land their dream jobs, but the ones who do … well, they took action, and they chipped away at their goals and dreams every single day.

We want you to become a food truck owner — well, if that’s what you want to become, that is — and we truly believe you can become one if you are willing to put in the work now, and if you’re also willing to make sacrifices, such as saving your money instead of squandering it on things that aren’t getting you any closer to your goals and dreams.

Make 2018 the year that you finally make a difference, the year that you become the person you were meant to be … the year you become a food truck owner.

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