Top 5 Prestige Food Trucks Articles Of 2018 So Far

Written on April 4, 2018


The food truck industry is flooding with major successes.

With that in mind, not all of these successes achieved their success overnight. It took some owners years to get where they are now, and that is because the food truck industry is not a get-rich-quick scheme. In other words, you don’t just buy a food truck and attract customers nonstop.

You have to put in so much work and in so many different areas if you plan on seeing some real success in the mobile kitchen industry. Of course, some people see success faster than others, and that could be because of a number of different things, such as working more hours, incorporating better social media and marketing games, hustling more when it comes to finding catering gigs, learning nonstop and the list could go on and on.

Nonetheless, in hopes of helping food truck owners — current and aspiring alike — achieve some success in 2018, we give you five valuable Prestige Food Trucks articles below.

Use the information to your advantage and wherever you see fit!

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Top 5 Prestige Food Trucks Articles Of 2018 So Far

5.) How You Can Break Into The Food Truck Industry In 2018

Sneak peek of the article:

“Why should you tell people your plan? For starters, if you say something out loud, then it becomes real. You are forcing it out into the universe, if you will.

“Here’s the bigger point of this step, though: If you want people to take you seriously — because people have a funny way of not taking others seriously when they are trying to follow their dreams — then you have to tell them your plan, and then do some trimming.

“When following your dreams, you can’t afford to keep toxic people in your life. Therefore, you need to cut said toxic people out of your life. If your “friends” can’t take you and your dreams seriously, then are they really your friends?”

4.) 5 Common Roadblocks Of Aspiring Food Truck Owners

Sneak peek of the article:

“Not everyone is an expert in the adapting department, and it’s not always the easiest department to master, making this a common roadblock for aspiring food truck owners.

“If one thing goes wrong, then you’re going to have to find a way to get around it. For example, let’s say you are trying to finance a food truck … but you get denied. In that scenario, you are going to have to come up with a new plan, adapt and then take more action.

“Being adaptable is one of the greatest strengths you can have as an aspiring food truck owner because it will keep you on the path that is achieving your goals. Not to mention, things don’t always go smoothly in the food truck industry (or in any other industry), and you will have to adapt on the job over and over again as a result.”

3.) 10 Reasons Why You Should Purchase A Food Truck

Sneak peek of the article:

“If you don’t like your location for whatever reason in the food truck industry, then you can typically just find another place to set up shop (of course, you will have to look into rules, regulations, permits, laws, etc.). The opposite rings true with a sit-down restaurant, so you have to get the location right the first time around with one of these businesses.

“Not only is your business mobile, which means you can switch your location up if it’s not as good for business as you thought it would be, but you can also set up multiple locations. Plus, catering gigs and food truck events should be easy for your business since you are used to having everything in your truck — the kitchen, food and all!”


2.) 5 Basic Things To Look Into When Starting Your Food Truck Journey

Sneak peek of the article:

“This, more likely than not, is the reason why you are starting up a food truck in the first place. After all, it’s all about the food, and your passion is cooking. While this might not be the case for every single owner out there, because some food truck owners are entrepreneurs and see a great opportunity right in front of them, everyone should be able to agree on this: The food is the most important part.

“Yes, customer service, business knowledge and other factors are going to be rather important during your food truck journey, but the food is the product, making your food truck concept essential.

“While many folks likely already have the concept down for the simple fact that they have been cooking for a while, and they might also have some great family recipes, it’s important to really think this one through. You can’t (or at least shouldn’t) change your concept once your shop is set up, so you only have one shot to get this right.”

1.) You Can Become A Food Truck Owner In 2018 By Doing These 5 Things

Sneak peek of the article:

“Not everyone has the necessary funds at their disposal to buy a food truck and all of the necessary equipment; however, many folks join this industry via funding.

“Funding can, of course, come from a bank, investors, friends, family members and anyone with money, really. Prestige Food Trucks can also help you in the financing department. If there is no way you can realistically come up with the money to buy a food truck during this lifetime, then the key is to analyze your situation, and to seek funding along the way.

“At the very least, you can start by saving money for a food truck today. This money could go toward a downpayment for a food truck if you decide to go the financing route.”

If you are trying to become a mobile kitchen owner, then surely the articles above can help!

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