5 Prestige Food Trucks Articles That Will Help Persuade Restaurants To Start Up A Mobile Kitchen Business

Written on April 25, 2018


There are many different reasons why a restaurant franchise should want to start up a food truck business.

For starters, a food truck is, of course, mobile, which helps to make the perfect catering service for any restaurant, and it also makes it possible to travel to and from events with ease. On top of that, mobile kitchens tend to have lower overhead and startup costs than sit-down restaurants, making setting up another “location” that much more of a reality (and manageable).

Needless to say, there are many different reasons why a restaurant should want to open up a food truck business or two. In the spirit of that thinking, we are about to highlight five Prestige Food Trucks articles that will help persuade restaurants to start up a mobile kitchen business.

Check them out below!

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5 Prestige Food Trucks Articles That Will Help Persuade Restaurants To Start Up A Mobile Kitchen Business

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5 Reasons Why Restaurant Franchises Can — And Should — Enter The Food Truck Industry


“Not only does a business owner need the necessary funds but this same person also has to create a menu, manage employees, run a business, start up social media networks, market, advertise and the list could go on and on.

“However, a restaurant franchise already has a brand/audience attached to it (at least in most cases). Of course, each location might have its own social media networks … and it might not. Nonetheless, an audience has still been created and people will still recognize the logo of the business when it is attached to a food truck.

“Being a recognized company can be a major benefit for a food truck business, for there are so many mobile kitchens sprouting up all across America. Having a brand/audience already set up will save your future food truck business a lot of time and effort, and it could also help lead to instant success, even though the food truck industry is not known as a get-rich-quick scheme.”

Awesome Things About Food Trucks


“Food trucks are awesome.

“They really are, and in hopes of showing that statement off, we are about to list off (in bullet point fashion) all the reasons why food trucks are awesome — well, maybe not all of the reasons, but a good amount of them.

“If you’re a food truck owner, then you will probably agree with most of these points, and if you’re an aspiring owner, then, well … you will likely agree with most of these points when your food truck business is finally open.”

The Food Truck Industry Is The Perfect Industry For Entrepreneurs


“The freedom. Entrepreneurs tend to love their freedom. They are all about work-life balance, after all. The food truck industry provides a ton of freedom. Let us explain. As a food truck owner, you will hold the keys to … well, the entire ship. Not only will you get to pick the food truck concept in the beginning but you will also decide what foods you serve, when the menu needs to be updated, what specials you will incorporate, where your food truck will serve its otherworldly recipes, what food truck events you will enter, what catering gigs you will do and the list could go on and on. Since your business is on wheels, there is a ton of flexibility, and you are the lucky one who gets to call all of the shots.”


10 Reasons Why You Should Purchase A Food Truck


“6.) You’re Not Stuck In One Location

“This is one of the biggest bonuses of food trucks.

“If you don’t like your location for whatever reason in the food truck industry, then you can typically just find another place to set up shop (of course, you will have to look into rules, regulations, permits, laws, etc.). The opposite rings true with a sit-down restaurant, so you have to get the location right the first time around with one of these businesses.

“Not only is your business mobile, which means you can switch your location up if it’s not as good for business as you thought it would be, but you can also set up multiple locations. Plus, catering gigs and food truck events should be easy for your business since you are used to having everything in your truck — the kitchen, food and all!”

Why Every Restaurant Needs To Get Into The Food Truck Industry


“Since food trucks tend to be cheaper than sit-down restaurants, it would not be out of the question for a big-time franchise to open up multiple food trucks (and for a very reasonable price, might we add).

“Not only that but a large franchise would likely have less work to do when it comes to opening up food truck businesses because food trucks tend to have fewer employees than sit-down restaurants (in some cases, it is just the chef and possibly an employee or two). Plus, you don’t technically have to look for the perfect location since food trucks are mobile and can be in multiple locations as a result, although permits, regulations, rules, laws, etc., do come into play.

“Nonetheless, what’s not to love about low startup and overhead costs from a business standpoint? That alone should have many restaurant owners thinking about opening up a food truck business (or even multiple food truck businesses).”

A food truck business could help take your restaurant franchise to the next level. Therefore, we highly recommend one.

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