Summer Goals That Every Food Truck Owner Should Incorporate

Written on May 24, 2017


It might not officially be summer just yet (the first official day of summer 2017 is Tuesday, June 20), but summer is basically in the air, because the temperatures are starting to really heat up and food trucks far and wide are receiving some serious business.

In hopes of rocking the summer (also known as the busy season in the mobile kitchen industry), you have to make goals and/or update your 2017 goals. In the spirit of that thinking, we will be unleashing some summer goals that every food truck owner should incorporate during the hottest time of the year.

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Summer Goals That Every Food Truck Owner Should Incorporate

  • First things first, having your best summer yet in terms of sales. That should always be the goal … well, that and making the most revenue.
  • Incorporating a few new items, and having them stick. In other words, incorporating some new menu items and having them sell like crazy.
  • Turning your food truck community into the ultimate community. Make this summer the most fun one yet, and attract customers to your food truck … not only because your recipes are amazing but because your mobile kitchen is the ultimate summer hangout spot as well. Of course, that will be easier said than done, but it all starts in the customer service department, and how you and your employees treat your customers.
  • Being a force in more than one area. For example, being a force at your food truck in terms of business booming, and also being a force when it comes to something like social media, a place where you will get a ton of engagement and really interact with your customers/fans/followers.
  • Involve your team when it comes to some of your goals. The choice is yours when it comes to the actual goal, but your food truck experience should be fulfilling for everyone involved, and that includes your food truck team as well. At the very least, make team goals that your entire team can decide on, not just business goals that revolve around your personal goals.

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  • Perhaps this is the summer you finally take the step that is taking your foot off the gas pedal. Let us explain. No, you don’t want your food truck business to take its foot off the gas pedal during the summer — because this is the busy season — but maybe you personally plan on doing that. Maybe this is the summer you have a manager in place, meaning you will be less involved in the day-to-day operations. Maybe this is your goal, and maybe all of your other goals will be tailored around this big milestone.
  • Having a summer hit. For example, coming up with a new summer food item that everyone has to have. In theory, people will travel to your lunch truck just because they want to try out this item, whether it is for the first time or the 100th time. Pumpkin spice treats are the kings of fall, but maybe you have the king of summer up your sleeve.
  • Branching out. Maybe this is the summer you decide to branch out more via catering gigs and food truck events. If that is the case, then set a goal, and start making your plans ASAP!

You might have one goal in mind this summer, and it could be hitting a certain amount in the sales department. That is completely fine! Just make sure to hit the ground running this summer, and if you are struggling to come up with new and unique goals, then use the ones above as starting points (or finishing points!).

Good luck this summer, mobile kitchen owners!


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