Reasons Why Food Truck Owners Should Drop The To-Do List Act And Incorporate A Schedule

Written on April 12, 2017


If you are a food truck owner, then there are a million different things you have to juggle.

Not only do you have to worry about buying the food, cooking the food and keeping up with the inventory, as well as how much money all of this will cost your business, but you also have to worry about managing employees, social media, digital marketing and everything else it takes to run a successful business. Oh yeah, you probably aren’t getting any days off on top of that (okay, so maybe you get one day off here and there, but you are likely focusing on your truck for a good portion of your time/days).

That is why food truck owners have to get smart and strategic with their time. As a result, they should stop the to-do list act. Instead, they should incorporate the perfect schedule.

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Reasons Why Food Truck Owners Should Drop The To-Do List Act And Incorporate A Schedule

  • A to-do list can get overwhelming if you are constantly adding new things to the list, and not checking enough off in the process.
  • In its simplest form, a to-do list is a list. It does not have dates, and it certainly doesn’t have deadlines. If you want to get serious about your goals and dreams, and if you also want to keep sane in the process, then you have to learn how to prioritize. How can you do that when no deadlines exist?
  • A to-do list can be very misleading. After all, a single task on said to-do list could take longer than 10 other tasks.
  • An all-star schedule should incorporate everything you do during the day. Not only will it include your work on an hour-to-hour basis but it will also include your downtime and breaks as well. If you want to be the most successful food truck owner you can possibly be, then you have to get very serious about your time. In the spirit of that thinking, you should have every hour of the day accounted for. That is how you hit all of your deadlines in a timely fashion, which should lead to you being less stressed.


  • Simply writing down when your catering gigs and food truck events are is not good enough. What happens if those things don’t take up the entire day? What are you going to do with the rest of your time? To get ahead, you could brainstorm new strategies for your lunch truck, or you could plan on going to your normal location. Whatever you plan on doing with this time, it should be included in your schedule.
  • While life holds so much mystery, you shouldn’t just be winging your days — well, if you plan on being as successful as you can possibly be, that is. If you want success, then you have to be consistent with your efforts, and you can’t squander your time. A to-do list won’t do the trick for the simple fact that it is not detailed enough.

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If you plan on climbing to the top of success mountain, if you plan on opening more than one food truck during this lifetime (assuming that is a goal of yours) and if you plan on eventually opening up a sit-down restaurant, then you have to get very serious with your time, and you can start that process off by creating a schedule that incorporates everything!

Drop the to-do list act, food truck owners.

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