*SOLD* 2008 Ford Gasoline 18ft Food Truck – $86,000

Written on August 12, 2015

*SOLD* 2008 Ford Gasoline 18ft Food Truck – $86,000

Truck Description: Just because this food truck cost only $86,000 doesn’t mean it’s all that bad. It’s actually quite the opposite! This food truck was built using a 2008 Ford step van as the body for the build. Then we loaded it with double 50lb fryers and two Royal 24″ flat top griddles. Want to do breakfasts or switch things up? We’ve got you covered with this Avantco bread toaster! We know it can get hot in a food truck, that’s why we are trying to keep things cool for you. We packed in two AC units for this build along with the hood exhaust system which allows for maximum amount of cooling while you are cooking. I’m sure you have some food items to hold while you’re on your way to the event. We’ve got you covered there too with a TRUE freezer and a TRUE fridge. And don’t forget about the 36″ sandwich fridge prep unit which is a great addition to any kitchen. This food truck is a steal for only $86,000.


Although this particular food truck has been sold, we specialize in custom manufacturing premium food trucks starting as low as $99,000. We can custom build you a food truck just like this, or even custom manufacturer an entirely new build and layout.

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