Essential Ingredients Of A Food Truck Owner

Written on September 12, 2018

Food Truck Owner

A food truck owner needs many ingredients to become a success in the mobile kitchen industry, and we will be featuring some of the essential ones below.

However, we want to make one thing clear: What works for one owner, might not work for the next, meaning not every single owner is going to have the same strategies, characteristics, traits, etc.

Every food truck business is different. Likewise, every food truck owner is different.

Nonetheless, below you will find some essential ingredients of a food truck owner.

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Essential Ingredients Of A Food Truck Owner

  • A Passion For Learning
  • You Need To Be Adaptable
  • Business Savvy
  • A Good Manager And Leader
  • Someone Who Doesn’t Mind Working … A Lot
  • Good With People
  • You Need To Know Your Way Around A Kitchen
  • A Burning Desire To Succeed And A Passion For Food

8.) A Passion For Learning

If you want to be the most successful version of yourself in this industry, then you have to have a passion for learning, or at least a willingness to never stop learning. There are going to be many things you have to learn on the job — you can’t prepare for everything — and you can either learn these things and increase your chances of succeeding … or do the opposite.

Nonetheless, nonstop learning will make you better equipped to succeed in this industry, and it’s a good practice to never stop learning about your competition, customers, business, the food truck industry, etc.

7.) You Need To Be Adaptable

Going off of the point above, you need to be adaptable as a food truck owner. After all, things are going to arise on the job … things that you didn’t expect. If you’re adaptable, though, you will be able to game plan on the fly and avoid chaos.

Being adaptable is an invaluable ingredient not only for a food truck owner but an owner of any type as well.

6.) Business Savvy

While many people enter the food truck industry because they want to cook food for a living, if you aren’t business savvy, then you’re going to struggle — it’s really that simple. This is a business, and while cooking food is the main ingredient, it should be operated like any other business.

Of course, you could always hire someone to deal with all business-related issues, such as the business plan, permits, laws, regulations, inventory, salaries, etc.

5.) A Good Manager And Leader

A good food truck owner is also a good manager and leader, for he or she has to manage employees and also lead them. Without these ingredients, you won’t be winning “Boss of the Year” awards anytime soon, and things like morale and customer service could take a hit (for starters).

4.) Someone Who Doesn’t Mind Working … A Lot

While a restaurant franchise owner might hire a team to come in and take over the day-to-day duties of a food truck business, the manager still needs to be someone who doesn’t mind logging a lot of hours. Most food truck owners put in 50-plus hours a week. When they aren’t at their trucks, they are trying to find new locations, catering gigs and food truck events. They are also posting on social media, making employee schedules and the list could go on and on.

To make a long story short, food truck owners work a lot because they have to and because they want to.

Food Truck Owner

3.) Good With People

Most successful owners in this industry are good with people. They typically engage and talk to customers on social media and at their food trucks. They take many orders. They talk to vendors. They talk to other food truck and business owners. They talk to their employees and investors.

Needless to say, food truck owners talk to a lot of people, and at the very least, they need to be good with people because customer service is one of the most important ingredients in this industry.

2.) You Need To Know Your Way Around A Kitchen

This is an obvious one. Your food is your product, and you also likely joined this industry because you wanted to cook food for a living. Of course, you need to know how to use all of the food truck equipment and also manage a kitchen.

All successful food truck owners (or at least most of them) know their way around the kitchen.

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1.) A Burning Desire To Succeed And A Passion For Food

Two essential ingredients of a food truck owner: A burning desire to succeed and a passion for food.

After all, this is not a get-rich-quick scheme and you’re likely going to encounter failure from time to time — you don’t just start up a food truck business, have an endless amount of customers show up at your truck and become a major success. You have to put in the work, work a ton of hours and build your business over time.

You’re also going to be cooking food for a living. When you’re not cooking food, you might be coming up with new recipes or shopping for more food. You might also be venturing to other food trucks and restaurants to see what they are doing to achieve success.

The best food truck owners are determined and they are very passionate about their jobs, to say the least.

Once again, every food truck owner is going to be different, for every person is different. While we consider the ingredients above essential, you might be an expert in the kitchen and hire people to tackle the business and financial side of things (or vice versa).

Nonetheless, to own and operate a successful food truck business, the ingredients above need to make an appearance at some point. And since every business is different, there are likely other ingredients that food truck owners would add to the list.

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