Types Of People Who Make Ideal Food Truck Owners

Written on September 19, 2018

Food Truck Owners

The food truck industry is not a one-size-fits-all type of industry.

You will see many different types of food truck businesses and many different types of experience backgrounds in this wonderful industry.

With that in mind, we’re going to highlight five types of people who make ideal food truck owners below. More likely than not, you will be able to relate.

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Types Of People Who Make Ideal Food Truck Owners

  • Business Owners
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Restaurant Owners
  • Catering Businesses
  • Aspiring Chefs/People With A Culinary Background

Business Owners

Business owners make ideal food truck owners for the simple fact that a food truck is a business.

While that might seem obvious to some, many people enter the food truck industry unprepared because they aren’t business savvy or don’t know how to run a business in general.

Business owners will know the ins and outs of a business plan (which is an essential ingredient for a mobile kitchen business), they will know how to manage employees, they will know the ins and outs of inventory, they will have strategies for selling product and the list could go on and on.


Entrepreneurs can be closely related to business owners in many ways. After all, they tend to know how to run a business, increase sales, network, make business deals, etc. However, entrepreneurs will typically also be the people who are using their own money for all business-related matters.

This is ideal for the food truck industry because mobile kitchens, simply put, aren’t cheap. It’s also essential to build a food truck that fits all wants and needs since it’s the foundation of the business. That might not be possible if you have investors involved because they could take some of the creative vision of the company.

Nonetheless, entrepreneurs are ideal for a food truck business because they know a lot about business, they have creative ideas that they actually know how to turn into reality, etc.

Restaurant Owners

Restaurant owners make ideal food truck owners because they already know how to run a kitchen that is a business. Not only that but they have operated a much larger business and managed plenty of employees.

While a food truck business is still a tough business to manage (meaning not just anyone can do it), a restaurant owner knows what it takes to run a successful food business, and he or she might even have an easier time with a food truck since he or she can be more hands-on with this smaller business.

Catering Businesses

A catering business can be very similar to a restaurant business or restaurant franchise.

The only difference in this case: A catering business only caters — it doesn’t travel from location to location like a food truck or have normal business hours like a traditional sit-down restaurant.

While it’s not the case for every food truck owner, there are food truck businesses that only cater. There are also restaurant franchises that use their food trucks to solely cater — they are used for special events.

Since catering is such an important stream of income for many mobile kitchen owners, it’s no wonder why catering businesses make ideal food truck owners (if you will).

As an added bonus, food trucks were made for catering gigs since all the food and equipment can go inside the truck.

Food Truck Owners

Aspiring Chefs/People With A Culinary Background

Many aspiring food truck owners fall under this category, and this category can also go under some of the ideal food truck owners listed above.

Aspiring chefs and people with a culinary background are passionate about cooking and many of them want to cook food for a living. While a food truck is a business, a creative and passionate mind, and also a person who knows how to come up with recipes and make amazing meals, is essential for success in this industry.

While many types of people can become food truck owners, the five types of people above tend to be made for the mobile kitchen industry. However, if you’re passionate about food and you want to cook food for a living yet can’t really relate to the above people, then that doesn’t mean you won’t make it in the food truck industry. There’s no right person for this career and we encourage everyone to follow their dreams — especially when said dreams relate to this industry.

We might have covered the types of people who are ideal for this industry … but what are the essential ingredients of a food truck owner? Read the article below to find out (preview included).

Essential Ingredients Of A Food Truck Owner

“8.) A Passion For Learning

If you want to be the most successful version of yourself in this industry, then you have to have a passion for learning, or at least a willingness to never stop learning. There are going to be many things you have to learn on the job — you can’t prepare for everything — and you can either learn these things and increase your chances of succeeding … or do the opposite.

Nonetheless, nonstop learning will make you better equipped to succeed in this industry, and it’s a good practice to never stop learning about your competition, customers, business, the food truck industry, etc.

7.) You Need To Be Adaptable

Going off of the point above, you need to be adaptable as a food truck owner. After all, things are going to arise on the job … things that you didn’t expect. If you’re adaptable, though, you will be able to game plan on the fly and avoid chaos.

Being adaptable is an invaluable ingredient not only for a food truck owner but an owner of any type as well.”

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