Essentials For Starting A Food Truck

Written on August 22, 2018

Food Truck

Everyone’s journey to the food truck industry is different. But there are certain things that every food truck owner tends to incorporate, whether we’re talking about entrepreneurs, cooks or restaurant owners.

If you’re trying to enter the mobile kitchen industry, then don’t forget the below essentials along the way (in no specific order).

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Essentials For Starting A Food Truck

  • Research The Industry
  • Come Up With A Killer Concept And Name
  • The Business Plan
  • Licenses, Permits, Etc.
  • Locations
  • A Website, Social Media, Marketing
  • Build Your Food Truck

7.) Research The Industry

You might know a lot about business, the food industry, running a kitchen, etc., but you still have to research the industry you’re about to enter (in this case, the food truck industry). After all, you’ll be lucky to see success if you jump right in by purchasing a food truck and entering the industry.

You need to take some time to learn the competition, best practices and how to be successful in this industry. Learning everything on the job might be an option … but it’s not the best one. The more you learn now, the better off you will be.

6.) Come Up With A Killer Concept And Name

Your food truck concept is your product and your name is the thing people are going to associate your food with. If you get these two things down, you will be able to stick out and see some success.

Like all things in the business world, coming up with the right concept and name is not easy. You might go with family recipes or you might come up with a concept that is unique in your area — the choice is yours.

Take some time to really brainstorm these ideas. What can you see yourself cooking every day and what can you see people buying? The cool thing about the food truck industry is you can test out new meals and food ideas whenever you want since this is a unique industry in which food fusion is very popular.

5.) The Business Plan

Every business owner — and likewise food truck owner — needs a business plan.

This plan can lead to you getting funds for your business. It will also map everything out so you aren’t going at this venture with closed eyes.

While many chefs want to jump right in, a good business plan will let you know what’s possible and it will also be used as an essential guide along the way.

4.) Licenses, Permits, Etc.

Without these ingredients, you will not be able to run your business — they are non-negotiable. And they can change based on where you’re planning on operating your truck (do your research!).

3.) Locations

During the journey that’s setting up your food truck business, you’re going to have to start looking for locations for your truck. As a friendly reminder, you can always enter food truck events and offer a catering service to spice things up and also add on another stream of income.

Just remember, while the location is very important, you can have multiple locations in the food truck industry since your business is mobile. No matter where you decide to set up shop, it’s ideal to find places that are high in foot traffic.

Food Truck

2.) A Website, Social Media, Marketing

Many food truck owners want to focus on their food and day-to-day business at their food trucks and that’s it.

However, marketing needs to make an appearance if you plan on being the most successful owner you can possibly be, and that can come in the form of a quality website and keeping your customers and followers informed and engaged on social media.

While your food truck is being built, you should be getting these types of things in order (or at least before you start serving food at your mobile kitchen). Build some hype before you hit the streets with your food.

1.) Build Your Food Truck

You, of course, need a food truck.

The key is finding the right builder for the job. After all, this is the foundation of your business. You want this truck to look flawless because it will act as a mobile billboard. Not to mention, the kitchen needs to be set up properly to minimize disasters and to also ensure you have the ideal setup for running your food business.

To get an idea of what your food truck could look like, we encourage you to check out our recent builds.

There are many different things a restaurant owner will need to start up a food truck business, but the seven ingredients above tend to be essential.

If you’re looking for more food truck advice and information, then make sure to check out the article (preview included) below.

5 Reasons Why Restaurant Franchises Can — And Should — Enter The Food Truck Industry


“3.) Their Brand/Audience Is Already Set Up

Opening a food truck business takes a lot of work…

Not only does a business owner need the necessary funds but this same person also has to create a menu, manage employees, run a business, start up social media networks, market, advertise and the list could go on and on.

However, a restaurant franchise already has a brand/audience attached to it (at least in most cases). Of course, each location might have its own social media networks … and it might not. Nonetheless, an audience has still been created and people will still recognize the logo of the business when it is attached to a food truck.

Being a recognized company can be a major benefit for a food truck business, for there are so many mobile kitchens sprouting up all across America. Having a brand/audience already set up will save your future food truck business a lot of time and effort, and it could also help lead to instant success, even though the food truck industry is not known as a get-rich-quick scheme.”

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