The Importance Of Finding Your Dream Team And Delegating — With Jeremy Adams

Written on January 10, 2018

Dream Team

Jeremy Adams, co-founder of Prestige Food Trucks, recently did an interview with Onward Nation.

In the podcast, Adams talked about the importance of finding your dream team and delegating.

As Onward Nation points out, here are some of the highlights from the podcast:

  • “The story of how Prestige Food Trucks got started”
  • “Why delegation and finding a great team are critical skills that business owners need to master”
  • “The true definition of owning a business”
  • “The value that can come from partnering with a competitor”
  • “Why you need to drop your ego and think abundantly as a business owner”
  • “The importance of continually learning through self-education”
  • “Connecting with people who are where you want to be”
  • “How adding value to a person can help you build good relationships”
  • “How realizing that no one has everything figured out can help you with your self-confidence”
  • “Why you need to stay positive and just keep moving forward”

To listen to the podcast, make sure to follow this link.

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The Importance Of Finding Your Dream Team And Delegating — With Jeremy Adams

If you are looking to join the food truck industry, then we encourage you to read the five articles below, and we provided a preview for each article for your convenience.

Ways To Ensure Success In The Food Truck Industry Before Even Becoming An Owner


“So you’re finally thinking about joining the magnificent industry that is the food truck industry.

“We are excited for you, and we can’t wait to see you achieve an overwhelming amount of success doing what you love to do, which is cooking food and running your own kitchen in chef fashion.

“With that in mind, we want you to succeed, so we are going to provide you with some ingredients, and if you follow along with these ingredients, and incorporate them into your life, then you can ensure success in the food truck industry before you even become an owner.”

10 Tips For People Who Are Thinking About Joining The Food Truck Industry


“9. Do Your Homework Via A Massive Amount Of Research

“This is a tip that a lot of food truck owners don’t listen to before making the giant leap. They don’t do their homework, and they think they are great cooks (and they probably are), but the problem lies in the fact that being a great chef in this industry is not enough.

“Why? Well, because there is so much to being a food truck owner, which is why you need to do your research on everything before buying your mobile kitchen. Read articles and books, listen to podcasts, ask around, go to conferences, talk to current food truck owners — anything!

“Do. Your. Homework.

“If you don’t, and if you do become a food truck owner, then you will likely struggle until you learn the ins and outs of this industry.”

Dream Team

5 Questions To Ask Yourself During The Food Truck Buying Search


“There are a million different questions you need to answer before you can become a food truck owner (you know, like these ones, just for starters).

“After all, quitting your day job and becoming a food truck owner is a big deal, and there are a ton of things that need to happen before you can start selling food at your new place of business.

“With that said, we are going to give aspiring mobile kitchen owners five more questions to think about, and said questions will relate to the food truck buying search — and they can be found below.

“Good luck during your new journey, whether it starts tomorrow … or right now!”

5 Things All Aspiring Food Truck Owners Need


“If you want to become a food truck owner, then there are many different ingredients you will need along the way, but such is the case when someone is trying to join any industry and/or become a business owner in any profession.

“With that said, there are so many different ingredients food truck owners need, but in hopes of not being too overwhelming — and, of course, being helpful in the process — we decided to unleash five ingredients for aspiring food truck owners to focus in on today, and they can be found below.”

Consistency Is Going To Get You Into The Food Truck Industry


“While we are all about making goals (especially ones that are measurable, challenging yet attainable, feature deadlines, amazing plans, etc.), we are also about consistency.

“In fact, consistency is going to get you into the food truck industry. Better yet, your habits are going to get you into the food truck industry.

“The point being … what are you doing to make your goals and dreams come true?

“Yes, a food truck is quite the investment from a money standpoint, but if you really want that dream to come true, then it is up to you to acquire the necessary funds to purchase a food truck. What are you doing to make that happen?

“Are you networking with investors? Are you saving up your own money? Have you created your business plan yet? Have you tried taking said business plan to the next level by perfecting it? Have you looked at all of your options (for example, you can finance a food truck)?”

Bonus: 15 Must-Haves For Starting Up A Food Truck Business


“Spoiler: If you want to start up a food truck business, then you’re going to have to be patient, motivated and passionate, and you’re also going to have to work harder than you have ever worked in your entire life (okay, so this last step comes more into play once you become a mobile kitchen owner, but still).

“Being a food truck owner — and starting up a food truck business, of course — is not easy, and you are going to need plenty of ingredients before you can do so. Therefore, below you will find 15 must-haves for starting up a mobile kitchen. While everyone’s journey is different, meaning everyone’s recipe list, if you will, will differ, the 15 things below are non-negotiable (and they are also in no specific order).”

If you would like a quote, Prestige has you covered. Follow this link to request a custom quote.

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