Questions You Need To Answer Before Entering The Food Truck Industry

Written on October 10, 2016

Are you thinking about entering the food truck industry? If so, that’s awesome. If you are really, really serious about opening up your own mobile kitchen, you need to make sure you are 100 percent prepared.

For starters, a prospective kitchen truck owner needs to make sure he/she has a flawless business plan. Next? Well, there are a lot of steps. If it was as simple as buying a truck, parking it wherever you want and then selling food, then more people would enter the food truck industry. You need to look into permits, regulations, find out where you are actually allowed to park your food truck, etc. You need to study your future competition. After all, you don’t want to open up a hot dog stand right next to a hot dog stand, do you? Maybe you do, but as long as you prepare for everything, you will be fine.

The food truck industry is not for the faint of heart. It’s a great industry that is allowing people to be chefs and own their own business, and that is all well and good, but it’s a tough industry to survive and thrive in.

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So, if you are serious about entering this industry, you need to answer these questions first.

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Questions You Need To Answer Before Entering The Food Truck Industry

  • Is This Really What I Want To Do Every Day?
  • Do I Have Enough Money To Make This Work?
  • Is My Food Truck Concept Unique Enough?
  • Do I Know Enough About The Industry To Succeed?
  • Are You Ready To Work Harder Than You Have Ever Worked Before?

Is This Really What I Want To Do Every Day?Food Truck Industry

In other words, do you want to cook food and serve customers every single day, ideally for the rest of your life? If you answered yes, then that’s a great first step. However, you can’t just look at the positives when it comes to this profession. While we like to look at life with a glass-half-full mentality, you also have to look at the negatives when it comes to big decisions, like buying a food truck.

Every single day isn’t going to be filled with happy customers. You are going to have unhappy customers, you are going to have to manage employees and you are going to have to deal with parts breaking down when it comes to your truck.

If you want to make it in the food truck industry, then you have to be very passionate about this industry. If you love food and people, then this might be the perfect industry for you, and we are glad you found it.

Do I Have Enough Money To Make This Work?

Yes, a food truck could cost you around $50,000, but there are other expenses in this industry. For example, inventory can get a little pricey. If you do go with a low-end truck, then you might have to deal with parts breaking on you as well.

Food trucks are quite the investment, and you are not going to get rich quick overnight. If you have a solid business plan and have crunched the numbers, then you should be prepared. While entering this industry is a risk (just like starting a business in any industry), it’s crucial that you make sure you have enough money to make this dream work.

Is My Food Truck Concept Unique Enough?

Here’s the fun part. If your food truck concept is unique enough, then you also need to answer this question: Is my food truck concept too unique? You need to find a happy medium between those two questions.

It needs to be unique enough so customers are going to your truck frequently, but it also can’t be so unique that is scares off customers who don’t like to try new things. You’re entering this industry to be a chef, so get creative and have at it, but also make sure your recipes attract a ton of people.

If people love your food concept and the meals in general, then you just tackled half of the battle. The other half is knowing how to run a business — because that’s exactly what a food truck is.

Do I Know Enough About The Industry To Succeed?

So many people want to chase a certain profession or dream, but they don’t know enough about the industry they are trying to enter. Sure, part of the journey is finding out along the way, but if you are going to start up your own business, which is what you are doing if you are starting up a mobile catering truck, then you have to know everything about your industry.

If you are lacking in this department, then do your homework.

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Are You Ready To Work Harder Than You Have Ever Worked Before?Food Truck Industry

This is one of the most important questions you should be asking yourself. If you think for a second that you are taking the easy route by entering the food truck industry, you couldn’t be more wrong. The food truck industry takes some serious grit.

You are going to learn this right when you are starting out. Sales aren’t going to be off-the-charts amazing when you first start out. However, if they are, then you will notice that you are always at your truck serving customers. If that’s what you love to do, then the match is perfect.

A successful food truck owner isn’t just a chef. He/she is also a businessperson, which means he/she has to know how to run every aspect of a business.

If you are okay with working double-digit hours at least six times a week, then working harder than you have ever worked before probably doesn’t scare you. Just be prepared, future food truck owners.

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