Everything Prestige Food Trucks Has Ever Published Relating To Why You Should Become A Mobile Kitchen Owner

Written on September 13, 2017


We have an overload of information/advice/motivation for aspiring food truck owners.

For the purposes of this article, we are about to share everything Prestige Food Trucks has ever published relating to why you (yes, you, aspiring food truck owner) should become a mobile kitchen owner.

This is a magnificent industry for anyone who is wanting to run their own kitchen and business. The industry is booming right now, and while it is not a get-rich-quick scheme, so many people are making their dreams come true by entering the food truck industry.

Note: A preview and link is provided for each article.

Everything Prestige Food Trucks Has Ever Published Relating To Why You Should Become A Mobile Kitchen Owner

3 Golden Reasons To Become A Food Truck Owner

“We love the food truck industry.

“We love everything about it. We love the uniqueness and creativity that goes into each and every food truck concept (and meal), we love the communities that food trucks tend to create, we love seeing people follow their dreams (and make all of those dreams come true), we love great meals, awesome food trucks and the list could go on and on.”

Reasons Why You Should Forget The Naysayers And Follow Your Dream Of Becoming A Food Truck Owner

“You shouldn’t waste another second doing something you don’t want to do — well, at least when it comes to your job, your profession. If you want to be a chef in the fine industry that is the mobile kitchen industry, then you need to take the necessary steps to make that happen.

“While you can’t quit your job overnight (unless you are financially set, of course), you should be trying to prove the naysayers wrong in your spare time. For example, you should be coming up with your food truck concept, making your business plan, learning about the industry, figuring out your finances, etc.”

5 Reasons Why Universities Should Have Food Trucks

“How many times have you been at a university event and you found yourself craving some food? Everyone has probably endured this dilemma at least once in their lifetime.

“For whatever reason, some university events simply don’t have food being served, and others serve up the same dishes every single time.”

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Benefits For Owning A Food Truck

“Whether you already own many restaurant locations or this food truck will be your very first location, these points are very important to keep in mind when deciding if a food truck is a good purchase for your company.”

The Food Truck Industry Is The Perfect Industry For Entrepreneurs

“The freedom. Entrepreneurs tend to love their freedom. They are all about work-life balance, after all. The food truck industry provides a ton of freedom. Let us explain. As a food truck owner, you will hold the keys to … well, the entire ship. Not only will you get to pick the food truck concept in the beginning but you will also decide what foods you serve, when the menu needs to be updated, what specials you will incorporate, where your food truck will serve its otherworldly recipes, what food truck events you will enter, what catering gigs you will do and the list could go on and on. Since your business is on wheels, there is a ton of flexibility, and you are the lucky one who gets to call all of the shots.”


Food Trucks For Sale Blog Series: Top Reasons To Join The Mobile Kitchen Industry

“5. Low Cost

“Okay, so you are still going to drop some serious dough (possibly literally and figuratively depending on what your concept is) on a mobile food truck, but if you are thinking about entering this industry, you likely thought about opening your own restaurant as well (of course, that is not always the case).

“Typically, starting up your own food truck is going to be less of an investment than starting up a restaurant — which is huge for people who want to save some money initially, but still want to crack into the food industry.

“4. It Is Still Relatively New

“Since gourmet food trucks are still relatively new, why not look for food trailers for sale? New is a good thing. New is going to excite all of the food lovers out there who don’t want to go through all of the hassle of eating at a traditional restaurant. New will excite taste buds everywhere, which will lead to costumers storming a line around your mobile kitchen.”

Were You Born To Be A Food Truck Owner?

“Can You Handle Situations That Are Flooding With Pressure?

“You are going to deal with a lot of pressure as a food truck owner — there’s no way around it. You are going to feel pressure when you aren’t making as much as you thought you were going to make, you are going to feel pressure when your food truck lines aren’t really that busy, you are going to feel pressure when you are putting on a catering gig, etc.

“If you can handle these types of situations (and many others), then you will be one step closer to succeeding as a mobile kitchen owner. Plus, the pressure likely won’t bother you as much as it did in the beginning.”

The food truck industry is calling your name, aspiring owners, and there are an endless amount of reasons why you should join this wonderful industry, as you saw in the articles above.

What are you waiting for? Make your plan of attack, start saving for a truck, perfect your craft of cooking and finally take the leap that is becoming a food truck owner. You have every right to follow your dreams — and be happy in the process!

If you would like a quote, Prestige has you covered. Follow this link to request a custom quote.

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