Were You Born To Be A Food Truck Owner?

Written on July 28, 2017

Food Truck Owner

Were you born to be a food truck owner?

In other words, at least for the purposes of this article, is owning a food truck business right for you?

If you are reading these words, then you are more than likely browsing food trucks for sale, which means you are, of course, seriously thinking about entering the food truck industry. First off, that is awesome! We hope you find the perfect truck for you, build an empire in the food truck industry and then never look back!

However, if you haven’t done a whole lot of research on the industry yet, then now is the time to do so. In hopes of helping you out along that journey of research, we will ask you a couple of questions that all lead back to the question we posed at the beginning of this article.

Check them out below!

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Were You Born To Be A Food Truck Owner?

  • Are You Business Savvy?
  • Can You Handle Situations That Are Flooding With Pressure?
  • Do You Know How To Adapt?
  • Are You A People Person?
  • Do You Know Anything About Marketing/Social Media?
  • Do You Love To Cook?

Are You Business Savvy?

If you are not business savvy, then you are going to struggle in the beginning. After all, if you own and run a food truck, then you literally own a business. Before jumping into the industry, we highly recommend you learning the ins and outs of running a business — well, if you plan on succeeding in this industry, that is.

Being a successful food truck owner takes more than just being a great cook (that is a huge understatement).

Can You Handle Situations That Are Flooding With Pressure?

You are going to deal with a lot of pressure as a food truck owner — there’s no way around it. You are going to feel pressure when you aren’t making as much as you thought you were going to make, you are going to feel pressure when your food truck lines aren’t really that busy, you are going to feel pressure when you are putting on a catering gig, etc.

If you can handle these types of situations (and many others), then you will be one step closer to succeeding as a mobile kitchen owner. Plus, the pressure likely won’t bother you as much as it did in the beginning.

Do You Know How To Adapt?

Being adaptable is a must-have characteristic of any business owner, for unexpected things are going to happen quite frequently at your truck. Believe it or not, that is one of the many reasons why people love this industry so much — because in no way is this job boring, and every single day is going to be different from the next.

Are You A People Person?

Aspiring food truck owners, you have to be a people person if you want to succeed in this industry. I mean, you are literally going to be dealing with people every single day … a lot. If you are not a people person, then you have to learn how to become one, because customer service is huge in this day and age, and especially in the mobile kitchen industry.

The better you are with customers, the easier it will be to retain said customers.

Food Truck Owner

Do You Know Anything About Marketing/Social Media?

If you want to take your success to the next level in this industry, then you will have great marketing and social media strategies. These strategies will separate you from other food truck owners, because they will lead to brand awareness and gaining more customers, in a nutshell.

With that said, if you don’t fancy yourself a marketing/social media guru, then you could always hire someone to take over these efforts, learn how to do them or have someone on your team take over these duties.

Do You Love To Cook?

Of course you love to cook! That’s likely the main reason why any person joins this industry! Cooking is the fun part, and so is making up new recipes, meals and menus. You can consider this one in the bag, if you will.

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If you are looking for more help along the way when it comes to conquering this industry, then look no further than the two articles below (previews and links included!).

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“Finding the right food truck that fits your needs is not easy. Heck, simply finding the right car to take you from point A to point B can be quite the journey. Finding the right food truck is that much tougher. Not only is a food truck more of an investment than a car — well, typically, that is — but there is more you have to look into. After all, you have to make sure you purchase a food truck that will house all of your equipment.”

3 Major Challenges For New Food Truck Owners

“There are an overwhelming amount of challenges food truck owners have to overcome in the mobile kitchen industry.

“Heck, before someone can even become a food truck owner, said someone has to create a business plan from scratch, come up with the funds to buy a truck and all of the equipment (if you go the high-end route, which we definitely recommend, then your truck could start at $70,000), figure out what the kitchen all needs, learn how to market, learn how to be a business owner and the list could go on and on. Of course, you will learn some of these things on the job, if you will.”

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