Menu Tips To Help Food Truck Owners Conquer The Less Busy Months

Written on September 21, 2016

Depending on where you live, the less busy months — you know, the fall and winter — can be a struggle. After all, colder weather surely means less business since foodies aren’t as likely to go outside when white stuff (better known as snow) is falling from the sky. So, what can you do during this time in hopes of attracting some customers?

For starters, food truck owners can change up their menus, but more about that later.

Nonetheless, fall is just around the corner. Believe it or not, Sept. 22 (aka tomorrow) is the first day of fall. While temperatures are still likely pretty solid all over the country, it’s important to be prepared. After all, you never know when that first snowstorm is going to hit.

Depending on where you live, fall could be your busy season; however, most mobile kitchen owners’ busy season is the summer. No matter where you are running your business, these menu tips will help kitchen owners conquer the less busy months, so make sure to incorporate them early and often.

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Menu Tips To Help Food Truck Owners Conquer The Less Busy Months

  • Add Food Items That Are Associated With Cold Weather
  • Jump On The Pumpkin Spice Trend
  • Completely Change Up The Menu
  • Go With The Themes In Hopes Of Attracting More Customers

Add Food Items That Are Associated With Cold WeatherMenu Tips

This should be your go-to move when it comes to getting more customers to come to your food truck. It might be colder outside, but people still have to eat. And just because it is colder outside, that does not mean people’s lives become less busy — well, at least in most cases, that is — which means people are still going to be eating out rather than cooking at home.

What are some food items that are associated with cold weather, one might be wondering? Well, start with the basics. Hot drinks, soups and hearty foods are big in the fall and winter. Therefore, things like apple cider, teas and coffee become even more lethal when it comes to your fall and winter menus.

You entered the food truck for many reasons, and one of them was likely to become an all-star chef. Therefore, you probably have some soup and hearty food ideas in the old recipe book.

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Jump On The Pumpkin Spice Trend

Pumpkin spice is everywhere during the fall. Heck, it technically isn’t even fall yet and this trend is already taking over. That’s just how life works nowadays. Halloween decorations come out in September, Christmas decorations come out basically right when Halloween ends and pumpkin spice lattes are the go-to drinks well before the first day of fall.

If you are a food truck owner and don’t believe in this trend, then you are missing out on potential business. There are even pumpkin spice dog treats now, which just shows you how big this craze has become. The sooner you jump on this trend, the better.

Completely Change Up The Menu

If customers aren’t coming to your food truck during the colder months, and you chose to stay open during the winter, then you need to do anything and everything to get said customers to come to your truck.

Therefore, if you have to completely change up your entire menu, then do so. Get creative. No, you don’t have to completely change up your concept, but the important thing is that you are pulling out all of your tricks and hidden recipes. Now is the time to take creativity to the next level. This is not the time to play it safe and hold back, especially if you are having trouble attracting customers.

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Go With The Themes In Hopes Of Attracting More CustomersMenu Tips

When Halloween season starts to rear its head, incorporate food items that revolve around Halloween. The same thing goes for Thanksgiving and all of the other winter holidays. After all, you are trying to appease the customers and get them to buy your otherworldly food. During these times, you have to think ‘Tis the season, and then adjust your menu accordingly.

On another note, it’s important to make sure you are catching all of the big food holidays along the way. By adding foods that go with the themes (aka the holidays), you are helping people get in the spirit, which could then lead to you getting more business, especially when all of the shoppers are out during events such as Black Friday.

Speaking of Black Friday, and as long as the weather will cooperate, make sure to offer up awesome specials or deals on this busy day.

Hopefully these menu tips can help food truck owners during the less busy months. Just remember, when business is slow, you have to change up your strategy. One of the easiest ways to do that is by playing with your menu and offering something new to food lovers.

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