5 Mindsets Every Food Truck Owner Needs To Inherit

Written on October 24, 2016

Making it in the food truck industry is no easy feat. Yes, this fine industry is booming — look no further than the downtown area in any major city, or a populated area, to figure that one out — but it’s still rather tough to succeed as a full-time food truck owner.

In hopes of more food truck owners succeeding, whether that be current or prospective owners, we have come up with five mindsets that every mobile kitchen owner needs to inherit. Who knows, you might already have two (or more) of these mindsets, meaning you are already well on your way.

Nonetheless, food truck business owners are going to have to make adjustments on the fly. Not only does that have to deal with menus and strategies, but that also has to deal with the mindsets of these owners as well.

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5 Mindsets Every Food Truck Owner Needs To Inherit

  • They Aren’t Afraid To Take A Risk/Fail
  • They Have A Vision
  • They Are Always Learning
  • They Aren’t Afraid To Be Creative
  • They Are Determined

They Aren’t Afraid To Take A Risk/FailMindset

First things first, if you are already a food truck owner, then it’s apparent that you aren’t afraid to take a risk. If you were afraid to take a risk, then you wouldn’t have entered the food truck industry in the first place — it is really that simple. After all, there is no guarantee that you are going to succeed in the food truck industry, yet you dropped a ton of money to start your business.

On top of that, you can’t be afraid to fail. Just like entrepreneurs and business owners, which you literally are if you have opened up a mobile kitchen, you have to accept failure because failure is the only way entrepreneurs and business owners are going to learn and succeed.

Basically, failing and succeeding goes hand in hand. You can’t have one without the other. So it’s crucial to adopt this mindset.

They Have A Vision

You have to have a vision if you are going to start up your own business. You know what you are doing when you buy a food truck? You are starting up your own business, which means you have to have a vision. You know, if you plan on growing your business.

This shouldn’t be a problem, though, because you entered this industry with a vision. In other words, you entered this industry with a plan (and a bag full of goals and dreams) and some ideas. You had killer recipes and menus in mind and you could picture yourself taking the proper steps to make it as a food truck owner.

They Are Always Learning

This mindset is essential. If you aren’t willing to learn — in other words, if you aren’t willing to get better — then your business could stand still. In this day and age, standing still might not be the worst thing, but it also might not lead to exponential growth.

Food truck owners, especially new or prospective owners, have to learn how to run a business, and there is a lot that goes with that. You have to learn about your competition, you have to learn how to market your truck online, you have to learn how to run social media pages, you have to learn about SEO and the list could go on and on.

Since this industry is still relatively new, it’s changing all of the time. Never stop learning — you have to have that mindset if you want to make it as a mobile kitchen owner.

They Aren’t Afraid To Be Creative

As a chef, you shouldn’t be afraid to be creative. You are going to have to come up with original recipes that foodies will love, so creativity should be included in your bag of tricks. Food truck owners need to be creative when it comes to business plans, social media and marketing strategies, menus, recipes, etc.

While many people would think of writing, painting and singing as creative fields, they should think of a food truck owner as a form of being creative as well. After all, it takes a lot of creativity to get customers to come to your truck on a daily basis. It takes even more creativity to get said customers to come back to your truck.

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They Are DeterminedMindset

Determination is everything in the food truck industry, so you have to inherit this mindset. You have to want to succeed so bad in this industry that it is the only thing you think about. When you are working 10-hour days and not making a whole lot of money — well, at least at first, that is — being determined might not be the easiest thing to do.

However, you have to know these long hours, hours that feature you working in a hot truck in the summers, are going to be worth it. The light at the end of the tunnel is there, and it is worth it, but you have to stay focused and determined if you are going to make it to the end of the journey.

While all of these mindsets are important — and there are other mindsets food truck owners have to incorporate as well — being determined is near the top of the list. Without determination and passion, you are going to get burned out in no time.

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