How To Attract New Customers To Your Food Truck Business

Written on July 14, 2016

Life in the food truck industry is no cakewalk. If it was as easy as simply cooking up great recipes and serving customers, then everyone would be doing it. However, the initial cost can be too great for some, and you are also operating a business. Simply put, some food truck owners aren’t business savvy enough to run shop.

That aside, let’s focus on something that really matters in this industry — and that is the customers. How can you attract more customers to your food truck business? Well, following the steps below would be a great starting point.

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How To Attract New Customers To Your Food Truck

  • Hold Promotions
  • Follow The Trends
  • Make The Food Truck Environment More Enjoyable
  • See What Your Competition Is Doing, And Then Do It Better
  • Go To Events

CustomersHold Promotions

The best part about this tip? You can reach out to your customers on social media about your promotions. Whether it is giving out free food or coming up with some type of sale for a limited time — you name it — promotions are a great way to get more business.

Follow The Trends

People are all about the trends. If they weren’t, then trends wouldn’t go wild in the first place. Therefore, if there are big food trends going on, which there typically are, try to incorporate that into your menu.

You can take this a step further by following digital marketing trends. For instance, videos about making food are all the rage nowadays. Why not make some of those videos at your mobile kitchen and post the results on Facebook? Your customers (and future customers) will go crazy over delicious food videos.

Make Things Fun

There are plenty of ways to make the food truck environment more enjoyable. By doing so, you can seriously attract more customers. First and foremost, out-of-this-world customer service would do the trick.

Nonetheless, if your employees (and you, of course) are having a good time, then that will rub off on the customers, and people will want to venture to your food truck. The reward for you is more customers. The reward for the customers is amazing food.

See What Your Competition Is Doing, And Then Do It Better

Don’t copy your competition completely, but if there are some things that they are doing and you aren’t, take note of that, and then do some perfecting by making tweaks.

If your competition is rolling out national food holidays and it is working (aka they are getting a lot of business on those days), then you should be doing the same exact thing — well, with your own twist, that is.

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Go To EventsCustomers

Not only is this a great way to gain more customers, but it leads to more streams of income.

Start catering. Start going to events that mobile kitchens are at. Start going to food truck events that are literally tailored for food trucks. Start getting your brand and your name out there.

If you aren’t incorporating events, then you are losing a ton of business.

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