Social Media Mistakes Food Truck Owners Need To Avoid

Written on June 9, 2016

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There are many ways to do social media wrong, if that makes sense. Social media, especially nowadays, is a powerful weapon for any business owner. Yes, that includes food truck owners.

Therefore, make sure you are doing social media right, mobile kitchen owners, and make sure you avoid these social media mistakes.

Not Responding To Your Followers

Would you ignore a customer if he/she was actually at your food truck? Well, then why would you do it online. Don’t let the non-physical aspect of social media lead you down the path of being rude.

Respond to your followers, or you are going to lose your followers.

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Not Getting Your Likes/Follows Organically

Paying for likes or follows might look nice and fancy, but that might not lead to actual engagement on your social media networks, and isn’t that what it’s supposed to be about? Do your mobile food truck a favor by skipping this step. Take the time to build that following the right way.


You don’t want to spam your kitchen truck followers by posting way too much, but you also don’t want to leave them hanging. Finding the right balance might not be easy, but it is important to give your customized truck customers exactly what they want, and that is the perfect amount of content via social media posts.

Your Strategy Is Nonexistent

Posting over and over again without a strategy might work as a temporary Band-Aid, but that might not be the best way to approach the Internet in the long run. Make sure you come up with a strategy, and also post content you know will lead to engagement.

Treating All Social Media Sites The Same

Facebook and Twitter are different. Twitter and Pinterest are different. Pinterest and Instagram are different. I think you get the point, lunch truck owners.

The bottom line: You can’t treat all social media sites the same. If you do find yourself down this path, then you will notice that some posts are sticking and others aren’t.

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Not Using Social Media To Your Advantage — In A Big Way, That Is

Sure, some people probably started their food truck businesses because they wanted to be a chef and serve great food, but that is only half the battle. Marketing and advertising also have to come into play if you want your gourmet food truck lines to be filled with customers.

If you are browsing food trucks for sale, just remember to use social media to your advantage — well, when you finally set up shop, that is.

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