Digital Marketing Tips For Food Truck Owners

Written on June 23, 2016

It takes a lot to be a food truck owner. Owning your own business goes well beyond knowing how to cook up a storm in a mobile kitchen. For instance, digital marketing is very crucial when it comes to growing your food truck business.

If you did not know this before, you are in luck — because we are about to unleash some digital marketing tips for food truck owners.

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The List: Digital Marketing Tips For Food Truck Owners

  • Have An Email Marketing Strategy
  • Create A Killer Social Media Strategy
  • Spend A Lot Of Time Perfecting Mobile
  • SEO — Learn It, Live It, Love It

Digital MarketingHave An Email Marketing Strategy

If you are strictly a chef and are just getting into the food truck industry, then learning how to incorporate an email marketing strategy is one of the first things you need to learn how to do — well, at least when it comes to digital marketing.

Here are a few things that come into play with this one: (1) Knowing when to send out your newsletters (night and weekends are another option outside of normal work hours). (2) Knowing how to format the emails so they also look good on mobile, and not just your computer. (3) Knowing the information your customers want to see in emails/newsletters, not just what you want them to see.

Create A Killer Social Media Strategy

You have probably heard it before and you are going to hear it one more time: Everyone is on social media nowadays. Your friends, family, neighbors, competitors — everyone. So for this digital marketing strategy, well, you have to have a strategy.

Here’s the deal: You can’t just post random things just for the sake of posting. You have to monitor what does well, meaning what your followers want to see, and you also have to know how to monetize your social media accounts. Speaking of which, don’t be afraid to boost posts on platforms such as Facebook. Doing so could lead to more eyes seeing that post, which could lead to more followers and more people venturing to your mobile food truck.

You can’t overpost, you can’t underpost — social media is a really tricky beast. That is why it is up to you to do your homework, and then some experimenting. Then, you will have your social media strategy.

Spend A Lot Of Time Perfecting Mobile

For this digital marketing strategy, just know this: Mobile is just as important as desktop, perhaps even more important.

The reason behind that is simple. More and more people are getting all of their information from their phones, which includes emails, news and everything in between. Having a user-friendly site is still important, food truck owners, but you also have to make sure the mobile experience is keeping up as well.

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SEO — Learn It, Live It, Love ItDigital Marketing

Yes, your food and menu are the main ingredients for running your food truck business, but SEO is also rather important when it comes to digital marketing.

SEO. Is. Tough. It really is. You can do all of the research in the world, come up with a great plan, see a lot of people coming to your site, and then the SEO game is changed up. Again.

With SEO, you need to do a lot of research at the beginning — because it is important for as many eyes as possible to see your content — and then continue to come up with new strategies along the way.

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