Thai This Food Truck

Written on September 11, 2014

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Thai This Food Truck

We have been in business for seven weeks now with our custom built food truck from the good people at Prestige Food Trucks. We are just coming off of two weekends in a row where we did big festivals; one of which had 35,000 people in attendance for the four days. Our truck not only looked the part, but it preformed like a brick and mortar restaurant, especially considering our hours of operations for this event were 8:00 am to 4:00 am.

Not only have we gotten two perfect health scores with our truck that Prestige built for us, but the local health inspectors have asked us to let them use our truck to teach their new inspectors what a mobile unit should be set up like.

Also, the support and over all care that Jeremy and his crew have shown for us have not only been unexpected, but honestly have been overwhelming for my wife and I who have always wanted to be business owners.

We would recommend anyone who is thinking about starting a mobile food service business to weigh all your options with the best one being to let Prestige Food Trucks give you piece of mind. The most important aspect of this kind of business is your ability to have a great working kitchen and a great looking truck, so when you pull up somewhere to work, you already have credibility from the look and design of your vehicle.

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