*SOLD* 2011 Ford Gasoline 18ft Food Truck – $94,500

Written on August 12, 2015

*SOLD* 2011 Ford Gasoline 18ft Food Truck – $94,500

Truck Description: Are you looking to get the most bang for your buck? Then you are at the right food truck page. This is a happy-medium of reducing the price for our customer without having to lose any quality. This build is a measly $94,500 but has a lot to it. It’s a 2011 Ford step van and it 18ft long which give it the distance to put in a lot of good professional cooking equipment for the food truck. There are two Royal 12″ char grills in this bad boy along with a 48″ wide flat top and a 50lb deep fryer. And that’s just a few of the offerings for this build. The versatility of the different equipment allows the operator to cook a variety of different food truck menus. Changing your menu on your food truck is key with the ever growing food truck industry, it really helps you stand out and give you the ability to capitalize on your investment. The Power Tech gasoline generator is a trusted generator that will keep your business going even with a lot of use.


Although this particular food truck has been sold, we specialize in custom manufacturing premium food trucks starting as low as $99,000. We can custom build you a food truck just like this, or even custom manufacturer an entirely new build and layout.

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