*SOLD* 2009 Chevy Gasoline 16ft Food Truck – $86,000

Written on August 12, 2015

*SOLD* 2009 Chevy Gasoline 16ft  Food Truck – $86,000

Truck Description: When you decide to make the big purchasing decision of getting a food truck, you want to ensure that you build with a trusted builder and get it manufactured right. Well Prestige Food Trucks is the world’s leading food truck manufacturer. We make sure the food truck ordering process is as easy as possible for all of all clients, no matter how little or much as you spend. And if you’re looking to save money with this build, we will treat you like someone who paid $250,000. Everything on your truck will be up to code and we can assist you with making sure the truck is ready to be operated in your own jurisdiction because laws differ in different places. We have worked with many clients and many different food trucks so we have the experience to make sure the process is a smooth one when you decide to purchase one of our food trucks. That’s why purchasing this $86,000 amazing food truck at this low cost is a fantastic proposition for you.


Although this particular food truck has been sold, we specialize in custom manufacturing premium food trucks starting as low as $99,000. We can custom build you a food truck just like this, or even custom manufacturer an entirely new build and layout.

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