Unique Reasons Why A Restaurant Owner Should Start A Food Truck

Written on August 15, 2018

Start A Food Truck

There are an unlimited amount of reasons why a restaurant owner should start a food truck.

For starters, it’s a great way to spread brand awareness, a food truck is like a mobile billboard, you can test food out at your truck … and the list could go on and on.

However, for the purposes of this article, we want to focus in on three unique reasons why a restaurant owner should start a food truck, and those reasons can be found below.

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Unique Reasons Why A Restaurant Owner Should Start A Food Truck

  • Have A Truck Strictly For Events
  • To Learn The Ins And Outs Of The Food Truck Industry
  • The Freedom

3.) Have A Truck Strictly For Events

Many food truck owners travel to food truck events and offer catering services on top of serving food at their normal locations. With that in mind, you could always have a truck and use it strictly for food truck events, which includes catering.

Using your mobile kitchen as a catering machine could lead to your business branching out in a big way because you’re always traveling to new places and serving new customers–you’re getting your food truck’s name out there to more and more people.

At these events, you can promote your sit-down restaurants, test new food items and act as a mobile billboard. On top of spreading brand awareness, you can really engage with your customers, which will go a long way when it comes to increasing your customer service.

If nothing else, using your food truck for events will make catering easier since all of the food and equipment can go in your truck as opposed to having to rent a vehicle or a catering service for your catering jobs.

2.) To Learn The Ins And Outs Of The Food Truck Industry

While it might sound crazy to open up a sit-down restaurant just so you can learn about the mobile kitchen industry, it might not be the worst idea if you do it properly. And by that … we mean creating a solid business plan, incorporating all-star strategies, having a unique food truck concept, finding the right locations and everything else that goes into good food truck practice.

While doing this, you will learn a new industry (if you will), and you can take this data and implement it at your sit-down restaurants. While that’s going on, you’re still making money at your food truck business, which is another stream of income on top of your restaurants.

There are cheaper ways to learn about the food truck industry, but now’s the time to join if you’re thinking about joining, and that’s especially the case if you already know how to run a food business and have seen plenty of success in the process.

Start A Food Truck

1.) The Freedom

The food truck industry is flooding with freedom. While, yes, every business owner has freedom for many different reasons, with a food truck, you’re not stuck in one place. Not to mention, since you’re not stuck in one place, you don’t necessarily have to have normal business hours in the sense that you go to work at the same time every day. Of course, it all depends on your food truck locations and it can change on a weekly basis.

You can also, in a sense, get more creative with your food because food fusion is very popular in this industry. In general, food trucks tend to create very unique, upbeat and happy environments, and because of the flexibility in menus, locations, working with a smaller team and so many other things, this industry is not lacking in the freedom department. That should be music to the ears of restaurant owners who are looking for a change in scenery but still want to pursue a food business venture.

Looking to break into the food truck industry? We encourage you to read the articles below (previews and links included).

10 Tips For People Who Are Thinking About Joining The Food Truck Industry


“9. Do Your Homework Via A Massive Amount Of Research

This is a tip that a lot of food truck owners don’t listen to before making the giant leap. They don’t do their homework, and they think they are great cooks (and they probably are), but the problem lies in the fact that being a great chef in this industry is not enough.

Why? Well, because there is so much to being a food truck owner, which is why you need to do your research on everything before buying your mobile kitchen. Read articles and books, listen to podcasts, ask around, go to conferences, talk to current food truck owners — anything!

Do. Your. Homework.

If you don’t, and if you do become a food truck owner, then you will likely struggle until you learn the ins and outs of this industry.”

5 Questions To Ask Yourself During The Food Truck Buying Search


“4. Should I Go With A Used Truck Or A New One?

This is a valuable question to ask yourself, for a used truck is going to likely cost you less money, but a new truck is going to probably feature everything you want with little hassle. With that in mind, a new food truck will likely take longer to construct than a used one, but that should go without saying.

There are plenty of great used food trucks for sale, and there are plenty of great places to buy new trucks — the choice is yours!

Do you need a truck ASAP, or do you have some time to spare? If you have time to wait, and if you can also afford a new truck, then that is a great path to take. A used truck can be very reliable as well, and meet a lot of your needs.”

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