5 Prestige Food Trucks Articles That Will Help Mobile Kitchen Owners Conquer Their Goals In 2018

Written on December 6, 2017


2018 is only a few weeks away — if you can believe that.

With that in mind, we wanted to pose these questions: Did you make your dream come true in 2017, a dream that consisted of you becoming a food truck owner? Or, are you thinking about joining the food truck industry in 2018? Perhaps you have been an owner for years and you’ve just been using our blog for information and advice (and that’s awesome!).

Whatever the case might be, you can make all of your goals come true in 2018 — if you put in the work, if you don’t lose passion and if you never give up. The first step is coming up with a plan and then following said plan every day/week. You might not see success instantly, but you surely will over time.

In hopes of helping you make all of your food truck goals and dreams come true in 2018, we are about to drop five Prestige Food Trucks articles that will help you conquer 2018.

Check them out below, and we hope you have a strong finish to 2017!

5 Prestige Food Trucks Articles That Will Help Mobile Kitchen Owners Conquer Their Goals In 2018

5.) Things To Consider Before Entering The Food Truck Industry


“If you aren’t willing to make some serious sacrifices, then you are not cut out for this industry, and the same thing typically rings true for any business owner in any industry. Spoiler alert: You are going to have to sacrifice many nights and weekends when you first break into the food truck industry.

“Are you ready to give this industry everything you have? Are you willing to do whatever it takes to become a successful food truck owner? If so, then you were likely born to own and operate your own food truck, and we are excited for you to start that wonderful journey.

“If you have thought about all of the things above in some fashion, then you very well could be ready to own and operate your own food truck business! Of course, the next step is making the business plan and coming up with the money to actually buy the truck.”

4.) Steps You Have To Take If You Actually Want To Become A Food Truck Owner


“If you want to start up a business, then you are going to have to make a business plan at some point. Not only that, but you should come up with your all-star plan (in this case, your business plan) before you even buy a food truck, hire employees and all of that other fun stuff.

“After all, your business plan is going to be your map during the first year or so of your food truck journey. Without it, you will not know how much it is going to cost to open up a food truck business, or how much money you need to make before you start breaking even/making money.

“A good business plan maps out everything. Start preparing for the opening of your business by starting your business plan today.”

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3.) Must-Haves For Starting Up A Food Truck Business


“2. Time. While some folks operate their food trucks part-time, you are still going to need a ton of time if you plan on turning this business venture into a successful business venture. If you don’t have the time to work, let’s say, double-digit hours five to seven days a week, then you don’t have the time to be a food truck owner. Your entire life is going to revolve around your business — well, if you plan on achieving an overwhelming amount of success in this lifetime, that is.”


2.) Ways To Ensure Success In The Food Truck Industry Before Even Becoming An Owner


“5. Study What Other Owners And Chefs Are Doing

“One of the best ways to learn how to become a food truck owner is by studying what actual owners are doing. This will help you learn from their mistakes, and it will also help you learn from their successes.

“You can study your future competition, if you will, from afar, or you can — and should — study them up close by asking owners questions (and things of that nature). If you are in the process of saving up for a food truck, and said process is going to take a little while, then you could always try to land a job at a food truck in the meantime. By doing so, you will get firsthand experience, learn the ropes and see how other food truck owners handle their business.

“This type of thing happens in basically every other industry, and if you want to increase your chances of succeeding once you are an owner, then you should make it happen in the mobile kitchen industry as well.”

1.) Tips For People Who Are Thinking About Joining The Food Truck Industry


“8. Really Think About What Type Of Food You Want To Serve

“This is the fun part. With that in mind, it is very important to stand out in this industry via your food. A simple burger joint, hot dog stand or taco truck likely isn’t going to lead to a massive amount of success in the food truck industry, for those things have already been done.

“Take some time to think about what you want your food truck concept to be, what your menu will consist of and how you plan on being unique/standing out.”

Bonus: Things Every Future Mobile Kitchen Owner Can Look Forward To


“You can’t say this about every job, but in the food truck industry, you literally get to make people happy every single day thanks to your abilities in the kitchen. Sure, you will deal with angry customers from time to time, but for the most part, people will be in love with your food, and you will make your customers happy with every single bite.”

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