Jeremy Adams, Founder Of Prestige Food Trucks, Was Featured On Forbes 30 Under 30

Written on November 22, 2017

Forbes 30 Under 30

We are very happy to announce that Jeremy Adams, co-founder of Prestige Food Trucks, was featured on Forbes 30 Under 30.

Adams was featured for the list that highlights Manufacturing and Industry.

This is not only big news for Adams and Prestige but the rest of the food truck industry as well. After all, Adams just helped to put the mobile kitchen industry on the map in a big way, and we are excited to see what’s in store for the future.

Via Forbes’ article, 30 Under 30 Manufacturing 2018: Meet The Best Young Makers And Industrial Innovators:

Who says American manufacturing is dead? The young innovators on Forbes’ 30 Under 30 list in Manufacturing and Industry are finding plenty of opportunities to design useful new products, make factories more efficient and create better materials.

Many of them are just trying to solve everyday problems, like Rachel Benyola, 29, founder of AnneeLondon, who invented a foldable, origami-style bike helmet, and Daisy Jing, 28, an acne sufferer who came up with an organic alternative to standard treatments called Banish. Then there’s Mike Tomovich, 28, whose company, Kuvee, designed a patented, smart wine bottle that prevents oxygen from reaching the wine inside, and Daehee Park, 29, co-founder of Tuft & Needle, who wanted to sell a comfortable mattress with no gimmicks, markups or middlemen.

College buddies Abbas Haider, 28, and Rob Davis, 27, the founders of Aspetto, found a market selling comfortable, bullet-resistant clothing to customers like the U.S. State Department and other federal agenices. SwineTech founders Matthew Rooda, 23, and Abraham Espinoza, 25, from the University of Iowa, developed sensor technologies to prevent sows from crushing their piglets to death, a big problem for hog farmers.

It’s amazing to think how much Adams has accomplished already. After all, he is only 27 years old. Not to mention, he is also a co-founder of and a managing partner at

Forbes 30 Under 30

If you are thinking about purchasing a food truck, then you came to the right place.

Here are some highlights of Prestige:

“Prestige Food Trucks is the world’s leading custom food truck & trailer builder / manufacturer.”

“We pride ourselves on fast turnaround time, competitive pricing & top-notch quality.”

“We specialize in custom food trucks, concession trailers, mobile kitchens, & ice cream trucks.”

“We can custom fabricate each mobile kitchen to meet the individual needs of the customer.”

“Prestige’s manufacturing is based out of Elkhart, Indiana, but we ship all over the country & world!”

“Food Trucks For Sale as is or fully customized to suit your business’ needs.”

“Prestige Food Trucks can repair or custom fabricate modifications to any existing food truck.”

Whether you are a first-time entrepreneur, business owner or have always wanted to start up your own kitchen and/or business, Prestige Food Trucks can help you build the truck/kitchen of your dreams. Not only that … but you can rest assured that you are getting a high-quality food truck that fits all of your wants and needs — and what’s not to love about that?

Make sure to follow this link to request a custom quote. You can also look into financing a food truck here. Interested in seeing our recent work/trucks? Look no further than these high-quality food trucks.

More great information from the Forbes article mentioned above:

This is the seventh year that FORBES has compiled the 30 Under 30 list. To find the very best in Manufacturing and Industry, we combed through more than 200 of the brightest nominees submitted online, or generated by FORBES’ own reporting, to identify 48 true standouts. We then sent those names to our panel of three expert judges to pick the top 30 finalists. This year our judges included Rodney Brooks, founder of Baxter Robotics, Cindi Marsiglio, vice president for U.S. manufacturing and sourcing at Wal-Mart, and Sean Petterson, founder of StrongArm Technologies, and an alum of our 2017 list.

We are so proud of Adams, and we know the sky is truly the limit for our co-founder. Not only that … but the food truck industry itself has a bright future ahead, making right now the perfect time to join.

Looking to finance your food truck? Make sure to check out this link!

Forbes 30 Under 30

Need advice on joining the mobile kitchen industry? Make sure to check out the three articles below (previews included).

10 Tips For People Who Are Thinking About Joining The Food Truck Industry

The No. 1 way you are going to make money is by, of course, serving food on a daily basis (or however many days you plan on staying open). However, if you want to succeed in this industry, then you are likely going to have to find other streams of income (such as catering). Therefore, look for ways to make money in this industry now so you can start incorporating these ideas into your plan on Day 1.

5 Things To Look For When Buying A Food Truck

Is the manufacturer trying to move trucks, or is the manufacturer trying to build you a truck of your dreams? Does the manufacturer have terrible ratings/reviews, or the opposite? This is all very important. You want a food truck you can rely on, and if the manufacturer is willing to work with you every step of the way, and wants to make sure you are getting exactly what you want/need, and also does great work in the process, then it is worth every penny.

15 Must-Haves For Starting Up A Food Truck Business

2. Time. While some folks operate their food trucks part-time, you are still going to need a ton of time if you plan on turning this business venture into a successful business venture. If you don’t have the time to work, let’s say, double-digit hours five to seven days a week, then you don’t have the time to be a food truck owner. Your entire life is going to revolve around your business — well, if you plan on achieving an overwhelming amount of success in this lifetime, that is.

If you would like a quote, Prestige has you covered. Follow this link to request a custom quote.

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