Everything Prestige Food Trucks Has Ever Published Relating To Purchasing A Food Truck

Written on August 16, 2017


Buying a food truck can be a very painful process. Sure, you are probably on the verge of making your dream of becoming a food truck owner come true if you are browsing food trucks for sale, but that does not mean the food truck buying process is an easy one.

Not only do you have to fork up a large amount of money (this is typically the biggest roadblock aspiring mobile kitchen owners face because food trucks are quite the investment in the money department) but you also have to find your dream truck.

After all, you have to find the right kitchen equipment so you can make all of your recipes, and you also have to find a reliable truck — and that is just the beginning.

In hopes of making your food truck buying search that much easier, we are about to unleash everything Prestige Food Trucks has ever published relating to purchasing a food truck. While we will add a preview for each article, make sure to click on the provided link for each article so you can find the real knowledge.

Everything Prestige Food Trucks Has Ever Published Relating To Purchasing A Food Truck

How Much Does It Cost To Start A Food Truck Business?

“One of the most common questions we receive here at Prestige Food Trucks is “How much does it cost to start a food truck?” or “What does the typical custom food truck cost?”. There is absolutely NO easy answer to that question.”

The 3 Main Reasons Why You Should Purchase A Food Truck Over A Sit-Down Restaurant

“Sure, a sit-down restaurant can provide you with everything you need when it comes to making your dreams come true (such as running a kitchen, making all-star menus and making people happy with your homemade dishes), but so can a food truck. There are many different reasons why you should purchase a food truck over a sit-down restaurant, and we will be providing you with the three main reasons.”

5 Things To Look For When Buying A Food Truck

“Is it time? Is it finally time to start searching for food trucks for sale? Have you waited long enough, and been putting off your dreams for far too long? If you are ready to join the food truck industry, then we don’t blame you — it’s a great industry and there is still plenty of room for growth!”

Why You Should Purchase A Pre-Owned Food Truck

“If you are thinking about entering the food truck business and are checking out food trucks for sale, there is a key question that you need to keep in mind. Are you going to go with a pre-owned food truck, or are you going to purchase a custom built food truck? As long as you do your research, you should be fine either way.”

Food Trucks For Sale Buying Guide

“The food truck buying process can seem like a stressful experience. The intimidating first impression that most people have stems mostly from a lack of research and understanding. Our food trucks for sale buying guide is the one-stop shop for everything you need to know during the buying process. Our goal is to ensure that our readers understand what is critical at each point in the process so that their experience is as smooth and personal as possible. We’ve even included some of our favorite new food trucks in stock for purchase today. These can be customized to the buyer’s specs if wanted.”


Food Truck Financing Can Help You Break Into The Industry

“Do you want to join the food truck industry but don’t have the out-of-pocket money to buy a food truck? If so, then you are not alone, and there is a solution.”

Things To Consider When Buying A Food Truck

“As a friendly reminder, your lunch truck is your business — it is a big deal. You shouldn’t be taking shortcuts in the buying department. After all, you are going to have to rely on your food truck for, well, everything. It is literally the foundation of your business, and without it, you can’t make any money in this industry.”

5 Pros Of Purchasing A High-End Food Truck

“With that in mind, we want to help you out during this search. Therefore, we highly recommend you going with a high-end food truck. One might be wondering why they would buy a high-end food truck when they could simply find the best deal out there and save some dough in the process.”

Looking to finance your food truck? Make sure to check out this link!

So How Much Does A Food Truck Actually Cost?

“In terms of planning, and the first thing prospective food truck owners should be looking at, figuring out the price of a lunch truck is step No. 1. So, how much does a food truck actually cost? Like all things in life, it depends.”

Food Trucks For Sale Texas Location Guide

“Reminder: If you are trying to save money in the beginning by purchasing a cheap truck, then you aren’t doing yourself any favors, and you should be looking into a high-end mobile kitchen. A high-end truck, something Prestige Foods Trucks specializes in, could save you money in the long run. After all, the cheaper the truck, the more likely it is to break down.”

Do Smart Spenders Save In The End When Purchasing A Food Truck? – Prestige Food Trucks December 2014 – Press Release

“The most important part of your food truck business is the truck itself, meaning what’s under the hood. If your truck is not fully operational, it doesn’t matter how amazing your food is because you’ll be unable to do business. It is extremely important to invest in high quality materials, equipment and to make sure it is installed the correct way.”

How To Take Your Food Truck Buying Search To The Next Level

“Finding the right food truck that fits your needs is not easy. Heck, simply finding the right car to take you from point A to point B can be quite the journey. Finding the right food truck is that much tougher. Not only is a food truck more of an investment than a car — well, typically, that is — but there is more you have to look into. After all, you have to make sure you purchase a food truck that will house all of your equipment.”

Used Food Trucks For Sale Buying Guide

“Any truck that has left our warehouse over the years is backed by us as a premium mobile food truck vehicle. That being said, we’ve assembled a list of our favorite food trucks to come to life in our factory, ones that are looking for a home and an owner. This list gets updated frequently. If it’s listed here, it’s available for purchase today!”

Reasons Why You Should Buy A High-End Food Truck

“Once you have finally made the ultimate decision to buy a food truck over a sit-down restaurant, there are still a ton of other decisions you will need to make. For instance, you will need to pick your location, you will have to come up with a great food concept, you will have to make that brilliant business plan and you will also have to decide how much money you are willing to initially drop on a mobile kitchen truck.”


Food Trucks For Sale Location Guide

“Think of this Food Trucks For Sale Location Guide as the ultimate guide for food trucks for sale. Even if the five mobile catering trucks below aren’t in your current location, you are still in luck, because not only can we get the truck to you, but you will be buying a high-end food truck, the truck of your dreams.”

How Much Can You Expect To Pay For A Food Truck?

“You finally decided that you wanted to be a food truck owner. Yes, you have been an aspiring chef for quite some time, but you have finally made the decision to start up your own business, and you plan on doing so by entering the food truck industry with your very own mobile kitchen.”

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