Things Successful Entrepreneurs Do That Food Truck Owners Should Follow

Written on July 14, 2017


We live in a time when entrepreneurs are popping up all over the place. More and more people seem to be following their dreams by the day, and more and more people are living more fulfilling lives in the process.

Nonetheless, an entrepreneur can be described as, in a nutshell, a person who takes a risk from a money standpoint to start up a business/venture. Does that sound familiar? (Note: This is a very basic definition of an entrepreneur.)

In a sense, food truck owners are entrepreneurs. After all, food truck owners tend to risk their own money to start up their own mobile kitchen businesses.

In this day and age, entrepreneur and success tend to go hand in hand. As a result, it would be rather wise for food truck owners to take some pages out of the entrepreneurial playbook, if you will. In the spirit of that thinking, below you will find — in bullet point fashion — things successful entrepreneurs do that food truck owners should follow. Every single day, might we add.

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Things Successful Entrepreneurs Do That Food Truck Owners Should Follow

  • Planning. Every successful entrepreneur plans out their days — well, at least for the most part, because there are typically exceptions to every rule. We aren’t just talking about a to-do list, although you are more than welcome to create to-do lists on top of your schedule. We are talking about a schedule that maps out every single hour of the day. You see, successful entrepreneurs realize there are only 24 hours in a day, and instead of saying there aren’t enough hours to go around, they use all of their time wisely. That means incorporating everything in your schedule, including breaks, lunch, gym time and anything/everything you do throughout the day. Take notes, food truck owners!
  • Looking at the big picture. Entrepreneurs are constantly looking at the big picture. If people don’t do that on a consistent basis, then burnout will rear its ugly head. Mobile kitchen owners should constantly be looking at the big picture as well, for they are constantly working. Being a food trucker is a lifestyle, and if you don’t look back at why you entered the food truck industry in the first place, and keep your goals and dreams fresh in your head, then you will lose passion as a result of the daily grind being so rough. You have to remind yourself why you are doing this, and what your dreams are.
  • Speaking of goals and dreams, entrepreneurs tend to take their goals to the ultimate level via planning. Most people will think of a great goal, write it down and then forget about it after a week or two. Not entrepreneurs. Nope, these successful folks come up with a goal and always keep it fresh in their minds by revisiting it constantly. They take goals a step further as well by getting very detailed with them, and actually attaching deadlines. So, for instance, a food truck entrepreneur would say they want to make $50,000 more in 2017, and they plan on getting there by entering more catering gigs/food truck events, using social media every day, etc. The deadline to achieve this goal is Dec. 31. Entrepreneurs are goal-oriented people, and food truckers need to be as well if they plan on making all of their goals and dreams come true during this lifetime.

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  • The power of no. Successful entrepreneurs don’t give into temptations and distractions. They know that if they live like nobody else right now, that they will be able to live like nobody else in the future. In other words, they work their tails off now in hopes of setting themselves up with money, success and security in the future. Therefore, entrepreneurs tend to do a lot of sacrificing. Instead of going out and partying on a Friday night, or taking the entire weekend off, entrepreneurs, or at least the successful ones, put in work. They don’t just sit at a desk and say they are working, though, because that wouldn’t be productive. They actually cut out all distractions and get to work, network, learn about trends, stay up to date on their industries, etc. As a mobile kitchen owner, you can probably relate, because you are probably doing things to make your business better every single day of the week.
  • One word: Delegate. When entrepreneurs start achieving some success, and when they also have employees under them/can afford to hire people for services, they learn the power of delegating. Many successful entrepreneurs know they can be spending their time more wisely by working on bigger and better things, so they start delegating little/simple tasks that they know someone else can do. It might cost money to do this — delegate work, that is, especially when you actually hire someone for these services instead of handing them off to an employee — but it ends up saving entrepreneurs time in the long run, and that is worth every penny. Food truck owners should be able to relate. Are you seeing a trend here yet? (Food truck owners basically are entrepreneurs!) Lunch truck owners are constantly giving their employees more tasks. This allows the owners to work on other things, and it also gives them a much-needed break in certain areas.
  • Learn. Entrepreneurs are constantly learning new things in hopes of gaining more knowledge. They read a lot of books (whether it is via an audiobook or an actual book), they browse articles about their field, they go to conferences, they ask questions and the list could go on and on. This is something food truck owners should be doing as well. After all, the more a food truck owner knows, the better equipped he/she will be when it comes to conquering this fine industry. Therefore, reach out to other owners about their successes and failures, venture to more food truck events, literally attend conferences, look for food trends, read, etc.

When it comes to being a successful entrepreneur, the above bullet points were just the beginning. Nonetheless, mobile kitchen owners should take all of the points to heart — well, if they plan on being as successful as they can possibly be, that is.

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