The Benefits Of Starting A Food Truck In A Warmer Climate

Written on December 14, 2016

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There are so many decisions you have to make when it comes to starting up a food truck business. Not only do you have to worry about the meals you will cook and the menus you will have to make, but you will also have to create business plans and eventually be a manager to multiple employees — and that is just the beginning.

Future food truck owners also have to think about where they are going to set up shop. Heck, some people might move because of that factor alone. The location factor is a big one.

This industry might be thriving and there might be plenty of hungry mouths to feed, but this industry is also very tough to succeed in if you aren’t business savvy. Not to mention, you have to always be on your A game when it comes to motivation since you will be putting in 10-plus hours six to seven days a week.

Nonetheless, it’s crucial for future mobile kitchen owners to find a place with a lot of foot traffic. It surely doesn’t hurt to open up your truck in a warmer climate, either. You know, a place like California or Florida.

If you are thinking about starting up your food truck business in a place that gets rather cold in the winter, then you might want to give this article a read and take some serious notes.

As for the benefits of starting a food truck in a warmer climate, well, there are two main benefits from a business standpoint.Food Truck

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The Benefits Of Starting A Food Truck In A Warmer Climate

  • Your Business Likely Won’t Take As Big Of A Hit In The Offseason
  • Year-Round Tourism

Your Business Likely Won’t Take As Big Of A Hit In The Offseason

The offseason is a real struggle in the food truck industry. And yes, even places like Florida and California have to deal with the offseason, if you will, in this industry. After all, there tends to be more people venturing outside during the summer months. A lot of that has to deal with tourism, and a lot of that also has to deal with the weather simply being more desirable.

If you do live in a place where cold weather takes over during the winter, then you have to decide if it is worth it or not to keep your business open year-round. Therefore, you might close down shop altogether after the first snowfall, or you might decide to stay open when nice days arise, which could be few and far between depending on where you live.

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You still might have an offseason if you live in a place like Florida, but you will still be able to stay open year-round. That is huge if all of your income is coming from your food truck business, or if you simply want to be a food truck owner full-time. That is not the case for everyone. Some people, of course, are forced to close down in the winter, while others have to take on a second job just to get through the offseason.

Nonetheless, your business likely won’t take as big of a hit during the offseason in a warmer climate as a result of the temperatures still being very comfortable and enjoyable.

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Year-Round Tourism

Although tourism tends to peak in the summer for obvious reasons (this is when many people take their vacations thanks to the weather), if you live in a place like Los Angeles, then you are likely going to experience year-round tourism.

This is huge for the simple fact that you will not only have your regulars coming to your food truck, but you can also attract new customers as well via year-round tourism.

Depending on where you live, tourism might skyrocket your sales, as it should and as is the case for many industries. If you can cater to tourists year-round, just imagine what that will do for your sales. Well, at the very least, it could keep them steady, which could result in your business growing and thriving since there won’t be a major decline during November, December, January, etc.

Food Truck

This is clearly a major benefit of starting a mobile kitchen in a warmer climate, and it might be enough to convince you to move to a warmer climate.

Of course, living in a warmer climate alone won’t lead to a massive amount of success. You still have to hustle, cook amazing food, work on your marketing strategies, make adjustments when necessary, be a good boss, implement all-star customer service and the list goes on and on. However, if you don’t have to worry about cold temperatures during the winter, then you can stay open year-round, which can lead to your lunch truck business bringing in stable income year-round.

Would you rather work in a place where the weather is typically nice all of the time, or would you rather have to deal with the struggle that is the winter for a decent portion of the year?

If you do start up your business in a warmer location, then you have the added bonus of working in relatively nice weather every single day. Not to mention, the beach could be rather close, which is yet another bonus of starting up a food truck in a warmer climate.

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