Things Your Food Truck Employees Should Never Do

Written on May 4, 2016

13083214 976720415729807 8402678547235715236 NWhile there are plenty of skills every food truck employee needs, there are an equal amount of things food truck employees should never do. Whether you have been running a mobile kitchen for quite some time, or are currently browsing food trucks for sale, don’t forget about the customer service side of the business — ever.

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Not Know The Menu

Let’s be very clear with this one: When a kitchen truck employee is first starting off, it is acceptable for said kitchen truck employee to forget the menu (within reason). However, if this turns into a never-ending habit, then a problem will arise. Knowing the menu entirely is a must for any food truck business.

Be Disrespectful

This should go without saying, but here it goes anyways: A mobile food truck employee should never be disrespectful to the customers. While foodies come to food trucks for the food, dishing up a side of disrespect can lead to terrible reviews, which can lead to a crash in the market that is customers coming to your lunch truck.

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Not Be Honest

There is no reason to not be honest to your customers. Sure, your customers don’t want to hear that the waiting time for their food will be an hour, but being honest is the only option, no matter what the cost.

Argue With Customers, Or Fellow Employees

This is one thing the food truck industry can really do without. There is no point to argue with a customer — well, unless your intentions are to lose customers, that is. Employees arguing with other employees also looks extremely amateurish — because it is.

Rush The Customers13095799 976720542396461 5324833718856523113 N

The food business really picks up during certain times of the day — we get it. That doesn’t mean employees should rush customers in hopes of speeding things up. Instead of rushing the customer, why not prepare your mobile kitchen trailer for the busy hours. Having everyone on the same page is a great ingredient as well.

Not Live By The Customer-Is-Always-Right Approach

Everything leads to this key point. All employees should practice the customer-is-always-right approach. Keeping the customers happy is what it is all about. After all, who is going to buy your product and keep the food truck running if there are no customers?

To make a long story short, your food truck employees should never do the things listed above, and customer service is huge in the food truck industry. Always make sure to keep this in mind, folks looking for used food trucks for sale.

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