5 Menu Mistakes Food Truck Owners Have To Avoid

Written on May 18, 2016

13179244 983594155042433 7403209241100037041 NSo your business plan is golden and your food truck is catching everyone’s eye. The food, of course, is otherworldly as well. However, mobile kitchen owners also need to make sure to avoid these mistakes when it comes to their menus.

Lunch truck owners looking for food trucks for sale, now is the time to really take note, because these mistakes could sink your kitchen truck menu in no time.

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Not Enough Photos

People love menus with pictures that are oozing with deliciousness. That will always be the case. If you don’t believe us, just check out all of the pictures and videos of food on Facebook. While you can’t put videos on your menu (someone make that happen), your mobile catering truck menu can certainly be filled with pictures of the food. You know, the thing customers are really attracted to.

Too Many Items

To make this as simple as can be, having an overwhelmingly amount of food items on your menu can be devastating. That is why many food truck aficionados will say to keep the menu simple, and said food truck aficionados are right on many levels.

Not Enough Variety

You shouldn’t have too many food items. With that said, customized truck owners need to make sure there is enough variety. Basically, having the perfect amount of items is key. It is okay to test this theory and find out the perfect amount of items you need on your menu.

The key takeaway: Too many items can lead to costumers taking longer when it comes to the ordering process, but not enough variety can lead to customers not coming back for more.


13227791 986142928120889 854111241724770064 OHave EVERYTHING On The Menu

And by EVERYTHING, we mean all of the options your food truck business has to offer. While secret menus certainly work for some restaurants, don’t fool your customers by not giving them every option right there on the menu … with the prices as well, of course.

Organization Is Everything

Organization is the key in all walks of (food truck) life. Your food might be amazing, your business plan perfect and your branding epic, but don’t let your gourmet food truck sink by simply having a bad menu.

Make sure all of the items are in the correct place and your menu is easy to follow. Above all else, make sure it is organized to the max.

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