Food Truck Concepts That Are Perfect For Spring

Written on March 18, 2016

Cooking Line 1

Spring, like any season, provides a different taste (if you will). If you are browsing food trucks for sale or have been part of the food truck industry for years, then it is apparent that the following food truck concepts are gold mines during the warmer months.

If you are a food lover, then make sure you hit up these mobile kitchens this spring.

Hot Dog Stand — Of Course

When thinking of a hot dog, baseball tends to come to mind. After all, that’s the type of food you eat at a baseball game, and baseball is played when the weather is nice. The great thing about a hot dog stand (well, in some cases, that is): You can also serve up burgers and other BBQ-like foods.

If you own a lunch truck that provides hot dogs, then you should be preparing to unleash a ton of inventory.

Pizza Pizza

FACT: Pizza basically goes with any season — because it is that good. The great thing about pizza is its portability, which makes it the perfect item for food truck lovers to purchase from a food truck business.

Cooking Line 2Hawaiian

QUICK: When thinking of Hawaii, what comes to mind?

Typically, most people would say beaches, or something along those lines. When thinking of spring or summer, beaches, of course, come to mind. Therefore, one could come to this conclusion: Hawaiian food is a hot topic when the weather is nice (aka when it is spring). Mobile catering truck owners likely know all about that one.

We All Scream For Ice Cream

Most people don’t eat ice cream during the winter. They eat it when spring comes rolling along and all summer long as well. Therefore, ice cream trucks are the perfect food truck concepts for spring (and summer).

Current mobile food truck owners and those looking for custom trucks for sale should 100 percent think about serving some ice cream during the hot months, no matter what their food truck concept is.

And now, bring on spring!

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