Which Food Truck Concepts Are The Most/Least Successful?

Written on February 7, 2016

Lafayette Food Truck Custom Builder For Sale 24Although folks looking for food trucks for sale likely want to find/create a food truck that really sticks out, just remember this fact of life: Simple is typically better.

Sure, that is not always the case, and there are probably plenty of mobile kitchens out there that have done some serious damage in the food truck industry as a result of not being simple. However, don’t make your lunch truck machine too simple.

When thinking of what a typical food truck serves, Chicago Dogs, hamburgers, tacos and other basic and rather easy to make concepts come to mind. Why is this, one might ask? Because it works. People are familiar with those types of foods, especially when embarking on the journey that is going to a food truck.

New Food Trucks For Sale Custom Builder Manufacturer Prestige Food Trucks Vending Trailers Mobile Kitchen Food Truck Builder Prestige Custom New Manufacturer Food Trucks42Now, I’m not telling you to serve up dogs and hamburgers at your mobile catering truck — because that has likely already been done in your area. Just make sure your concept flows and the menu can be described easily by the customer.

That said, if you want to serve up lobster tacos or something of the sort at your food truck, go for it. After all, switching things up from time to time and serving up special dishes could make you stand out from the competition, and there is nothing quite like a good special.

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Here’s the main thing: If you serve up a wide variety of food, you might throw your customers off. When is the last time someone said they were craving a wide variety of food? Usually, food lovers say they are craving Mexican, Italian, American, Chinese food or whatever it might be, but not all of those concepts at once.

Here are two other things you can keep in mind when trying to develop your mobile kitchen trailer menu: (1) Don’t think you know what the customers want. Instead, ask the customers. (2) It is, once again, okay to spice up the menu, but don’t go too overboard by switching up the entire menu.

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DSC04551Since food trucks are all about the customer, and you more than likely have a following at your gourmet food truck, why not ask said following what they want? No, I do not mean for you to ask your customers how they want the entire menu to be. I mean this: There is nothing wrong with giving options, possibly in a survey-like fashion, to see if your customers would like a certain food on the menu, or something taken off the menu. Not only does this help you understand your customers better — which is huge — but it also gets your customers involved (side note: people like to get involved nowadays).

Nonetheless, simple is the key for a successful food truck business … well, at least until you start getting a solid following.

The key ingredient: Develop YOUR brand, and then run with it.

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