Food Trucks For Sale Blog Series: Struggles Future Owners Will Face – February 2016 Blog Post

Written on February 7, 2016


Social Media Posts7If you are looking for used food trucks for sale, we have you covered with the Food Trucks For Sale Blog Series. In this edition of the series, we will look at struggles future owners will face.

Just remember, buying your food truck and setting up shop is only half the battle (if that), but it is still a great start.

Without further ado, let’s tackle those struggles future food truck owners will face.

6. The Competition

Not only are there other food trucks you will be competing with, but there are also other enemies that will steal your business outside of the food truck industry. You know, like sit-down restaurants and fast food restaurants. Since the food industry will always be in business, this means you will always have competition, and plenty of it.

Hood5. Creating Your Brand

What do you stand for? Who are you? What is your food concept? What is your brand? Creating your brand is going to be tough, but it is something that has to be done (not just for a mobile kitchen business, but any business).

4. Being The New Kid On The Block

Being the new kid on the block can work to your advantage. After all, people like to try new food places, which means many people could be coming to your gourmet food truck based off of that concept alone.

However, not everyone likes to leave their food shell, which means your lunch truck could struggle in the beginning — because established restaurants are already getting all of the business. The big question: What can your mobile catering truck offer that other food trucks or restaurants aren’t already offering?

3. Getting Social Media Down

Everyone has a Facebook, Twitter or some sort of social media. Therefore, you will be doing yourself a huge favor by tackling social media. This could be your greatest tool/weapon. Plus, how else are food lovers going to find your mobile kitchen trailer? Through your Facebook and Twitter account, of course.

DSC045242. Everything It Takes To Get The Mobile Truck Running

Taking a few steps back, looking for concession trailer space, getting all of the supplies and funding, knowing what you are actually going to serve, creating a business plan — everything in the beginning is going to be a struggle.

Fear not, your food truck business will launch in no time, and then you can start serving up food that will have people coming back for more.

1. Where To Be And When To Be There

If you have a popping downtown area, then setting up shop there is a great place to start. However, when are the prime hours people will be in certain areas? Find those trends, and then feed those trends, if you will.

On top of location and timing being everything, customized truck owners must not forget that you can’t simply set up shop wherever you would like … it’s not that easy.

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