Food Trucks For Sale Blog Series: Food Concepts To Consider For Future Owners – February 2016 Blog Post

Written on February 7, 2016


DSC03475If you are browsing some food trucks for sale, consider yourself lucky. Not only are you about to get your hands dirty (in a good way, that is) with food, but we are also running a blog series. Enter the Food Trucks For Sale Blog Series.

In this series, we will help those looking to take up concession trailer space make key decisions. You know, like food concepts to consider for future owners.

6. American

When thinking of a mobile kitchen, most folks probably think of hot dogs, hamburgers, pizza and other delicious foods that fit under the American category. This concept is rather popular, which means one important thing: It works.

That said, make sure you aren’t setting up your food truck business next to other owners who serve up this same concept.

5. Mexican

Tacos, burritos, enchiladas — you name it. People love Mexican food. This is another popular food truck concept, and it seems as if the food truck industry can’t get enough. People in love with food, especially Mexican food, probably aren’t complaining.

DSC042144. Hawaiian

If you are looking for food carts for sale and want to really spice things up/think outside of the box, go with the Hawaiian concept. If you have ever had spam musubi, short ribs, chicken katsu or other Hawaiian favorites, then you understand just how amazing this food can be to the taste buds.

In no time, your lunch truck could be making plenty of people’s days — because this food is perfect for serving up in mobile kitchen trailer fashion.

3. Nothing But Pizza

Because who doesn’t love pizza? Seriously? There is a reason why there are so many pizza restaurants lurking about. Your mobile catering truck could be the go-to pizza stop in no time. Build-your-own pizzas? Add it to the pizza concept list!

2. Greek

Just thinking about a gyro should have your mouth watering. With this concept, your customized truck can stick out from the rest of the food truck industry, because it’s not like Greek food is served everywhere. Truck builders, make sure you take advantage.

1. Hot Dog/Sausage Stand

It’s a Friday night, you are out and about with your friends, yet there is one problem. All of the restaurants are done serving food for the night. Fear not, hot dog/sausage mobile food trucks will go perfect with your evening.

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