Where Is The Food Truck Industry Going To Be In 3, 5, 10 Years? – January 2016 Blog Post

Written on January 22, 2016

2016 01 19 06 59 28If you haven’t noticed food trucks appearing downtown or anywhere in your city in general, you are in for quite the treat — because gourmet food trucks are taking over the scene.

When it comes to food — which people need to survive, you might have heard — people are wanting said food in more convenient fashions. However, they don’t always want to sacrifice taste for convenience.

Is it going to be a sit-down restaurant tonight, or fast food? How about something almost as fast as, well, fast food, yet something that tastes just as good as a sit-down restaurant. Enter mobile food trucks.

Why are mobile kitchens going to crush the food industry and only continue to grow over the next three to five to 10 years? Here are a few reasons for you:

(1) Once again, they are convenient for the customer.

(2) Events, which tend to attract a ton of people, are picking up on them (e.g. sporting events, beer festivals, weddings).

(3) Food trucks typically serve great food — and isn’t that the most important thing?

(4) Kitchen trucks are another great way to make money, and that is especially true for those business owners who already own a restaurant and want to capture some concession trailer space.

Just in case you are still looking for more reasons, here are five reasons why food trucks are thriving.

Sit-down restaurants might seem like the ultimate dining experience, but food trucks are better than these sit-down restaurants in many ways.

If you needed some numbers or some sort of fact to prove how well the food truck industry is doing right now, let this tweet guide you down that factual path:

2016 01 19 07 02 34Not just small business owners are cracking into the mobile kitchen game. Corporate companies have launched mobile catering trucks as well. You know, corporate companies like Taco Bell, Pizza Hut and McDonald’s (among others). Why are they doing this? Because they know it’s another way to get their product out there, and a good way at that.

From customer experience to being your own boss to great food getting made in prime locations of town, mobile kitchen trailers are the way to go nowadays. As a result, the food truck business is — in one word — succeeding.

Food trucks are everywhere. Unlike dinosaurs, they are not going to become extinct. This industry is going to continue to grow. Therefore, food lovers and folks looking for food trucks for sale can rejoice — because the food truck industry is booming now, and it is going to continue to boom for a very long time.

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