Restaurant Companies Going Mobile With Food Trucks – July 2015 Blog Post

Written on July 29, 2015


New Food Trucks For Sale Custom Builder Manufacturer Prestige Food Trucks Vending Trailers Mobile Kitchen Food Truck Builder Prestige Custom New Manufacturer Food Trucks 4A mobile kitchen or custom food truck is mainly a kitchen on wheels, permitting small business owners and agencies to sell their cooked food wherever. Mobile kitchens can serve as disaster relief food facilities and can provide victims and response squads with food and drinks.

Mobile kitchens are available in a wide selection of types and sizes. They hold a stock of prepared food as well as cooking equipment. Companies like Apollo Burgers use mobile kitchens (custom food trucks) to service people at any location.

New Food Trucks For Sale Custom Builder Manufacturer Prestige Food Trucks Vending Trailers Mobile Kitchen Food Truck Builder Prestige Custom New Manufacturer Food Trucks42Traditionally, custom food trucks come furnished with refrigerators, grills, burners and storage space. Additional features can be made available if the business owner aims to service many people. Some extra services include air conditioning, generators, heating, dishwasher, sinks, and commercial ovens.

Mobile kitchens aid restaurant business owners spread out their service by getting more customers at various locations. They assist in sustaining food safety measures by supplying restaurant vendors with a clean exterior to prepare food.

“There have been many benefits of owning a food truck combined with a brick and mortar,” said owner of Apollo Burger. “I will list some of the benefits below.”

  1. Marketing exposure and the ability to reduce traditional marketing dollar spend is enormous. No need to spend$1,500 a month on a billboard when you have a truck parked at your location and moving around town.
  2. The ability to see if your concept is welcomed in other cities that you are not in already with a brick and mortar. (Location selection easier)
  3. Helps with new openings of brick and mortars to build the awareness as the build is going on.
  4. The restaurant is called upon from local schools and organizations to attend their events and serve now with a food truck vs. the business calling weekly to build relationships with donations and banners hung up at their events.
  5. Food cost is the lowest ever as there is no waste with any oversupply going back to the restaurant.
  6. Labor is the lowest as the restaurant feeds the truck people. Clean up is an extension of the restaurant people costing no more than a regular scheduled shift.
  7. It takes 15 minutes to load and unload the truck since it is the same menu and prep is absorbed in the daily prep that was being made.
  8. It can boost restaurant business as high up as 20% overnight with the delivery of the custom food trucks and trailers.

Custom Food Truck Builder Manufacturer Vending Mobile Concessions Trailer Prestige Trucks This Is It Bbq 2036372872Customizing a business to adapt into a small area is the task of a prefabricated kitchen, which is an economical solution for businesses that need a temporary kitchen. The possibilities of having a fully equipped kitchen is available when using this option as the size of a modular kitchen can compare to those of a brick and motor restaurant.

If you are considering starting your custom mobile catering business, Prestige food trucks, the world’s leading custom food truck builder, offer custom food trucks to help any business succeed.


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