How to Find the Best Food Trucks for Sale – June 2015 Blog Post

Written on June 16, 2015

Smarter Finance USA wrote a great blog post about how we are their go-to custom food truck builder and we are honored. You can read the article by clicking here or the picture below.

Food Trucks For Sale

Below is an excerpt from the article:

True Story:

A few months ago, we had a customer, “Matt”, who had found some equipment on Craigslist that seemed to have a pretty good price, and initially seemed legit.

The “seller” told Matt that he had two other buyers so he better hurry up and move – but he’d hold the equipment for $1,000 deposit.

Matt plunked down the $1,000 and got approved for financing… but the seller then changed the price and started getting physically aggressive.

Long story short, Matt never saw that $1,000 again.

This isn’t to say that there aren’t honest deals to be found, but we encounter these sort of stories often.

Here’s a good alternative to taking your chances with classified ads

(that most buyers don’t know about…)

Many custom food truck builders also have an inventory of used trucks available.

While buying a truck from the manufacturer might not be quite as inexpensive as buying off of Ebay, there are 2 very important advantages of getting your truck from a dealer/ manufacturer:

1. You are extremely unlikely to get ripped off

2. While a private party selling a truck has a big incentive to be dishonest with you about the true condition of a food truck, a dealer has a reputation to protect. This is especially true in the food truck industry as it is a very small, tight-knit community.

Some custom builders, such as Prestige Food Trucks, do list used food trucks for sale on their website.

How to Find the Best Custom Builder of Food Trucks


We deal with several food truck builders across the country, some of which are great and some of which are OK.

One of the biggest considerations you should look for when you are buying a food truck:

How does the builder’s website look?

At first glance, it shouldn’t matter very much, unless you really think about it.

If you were to go start a dump truck business, it wouldn’t really matter much what the dump truck looked like….

But going into the food truck business, you want people to see your truck from a block away and come running, right?

How your food truck looks will have a huge impact on your sales, so you want to make sure you’re getting the truck from someone who knows how to make you look awesome.

And, let’s face it, if they can’t even make themselves look awesome, how, exactly, are they going to make you look awesome?

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