How Much Do Food Trucks Cost? April 2015 – Press Release

Written on April 30, 2015


Custom Food Truck Builder Manufacturer Vending Mobile Concessions Trailer Prestige Trucks This Is It Bbq (11)Orlando, Florida (15th April, 2015): Food trucks have been a source of growing interest for the food and restaurant industry, and for good reason. First-time entrepreneurs will find a much lower barrier of entry to the business of starting a food truck than they would with a brick-and-mortar restaurant, since the costs are more affordable. With a food truck, you also have the ability to be mobile and bring your food to the customer as opposed to being locked down to one location. On the flip side, many successful restaurant groups are now looking at food trucks as opportunities to more successfully service their internal catering needs and serve as a marketing vehicle for their restaurants. Prestige Food Trucks is the world’s leading food truck manufacturer and rightfully so. One of the reasons that we are recognized as such, is because we build high-end food trucks to meet any business’ needs and best meet their budget. Most people understand how beneficial a food truck can be to their business and the advantage that food trucks have over brick and mortar restaurants. But the main question that most upcoming food truck owners will have is: how much money should I have allocated in my budget to purchase a food truck?

Prestige Logo SMALLFor a prestigious and reliable food truck, you’re looking at spending a minimum of $70,000. For an average food truck that will have a larger cooking line, which will call for additional things like a larger generator, you’re looking at spending roughly $90,000-$100,000. Prestige Food Trucks offers a high-end food truck for $90,000-$100,000, which is the industry standard for the calibre of work that we complete. While the average price point for a great food truck is $90,000-$100,000, if you do have a larger budget then you can opt-in to have add-ons to better your food truck. Having a larger budget when purchasing a food truck will allow room to allocate for: a brand new diesel step van, a longer vehicle so that there is more space for additional cooking equipment or even a bathroom, more ac units and much more. Since Prestige Food Trucks is a custom manufacturer, we have the ability to customize the client’s food truck to meet their business’ needs and to best meet their budget.

Custom Food Truck Builder Manufacturer Vending Mobile Concessions Trailer Prestige Trucks Philly Connection Food Trucks Inc 6Prestige Food Trucks is a one-stop-shop, so even the “average” food truck which typically amounts to $90,000-$100,000 comes fully loaded and with minimal work from the client. Once the client funds the project, Prestige Food Trucks takes it from there and does everything that is needed to build the food truck, which then can be shipped straight to the client’s doorstep. Many customers come to us at Prestige Food Trucks because of the complete service that we offer, we: acquire a quality step van for the build, work alongside the client to create their blueprint for the layout of the vehicle, order all of the brand new and warrantied cooking equipment, install all of the equipment, electricity, plumbing, propane, vinyl wrap, hood, exhaust, fire suppression, stainless steel, ac units, and much more! There are many elements that go into properly building a quality food truck and Prestige Food Trucks makes sure to put their love of labour into the builds throughout each and every step of the process.

If you want a custom proposal for the food truck of your dreams, then contact Prestige Food Trucks today: 888-418-8855.

About Prestige Food trucks:

Prestige Food Trucks is based in Orlando, Florida and they have been accepted as the leading custom food truck and trailer, builder and manufacturer. They have a very deep adherence to their morals which include providing top notch services to their customers. Their trucks are of the best quality and they also have a very competitive pricing making them all the more desirable. They also provide services for repairs, rents and leases of food trucks. They ship both nationwide as well as internationally. To know more about their services, please visit their official website.
Christopher Adams
Director of Business Development
[email protected]

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