Prestige Food Trucks Completes Another Top-Notch Food Truck Build, Twisted Plates! February 2015 – Press Release

Written on February 18, 2015


custom food truck builder manufacturer vending mobile concessions trailer prestige trucks - twisted plates #1USA (February 18th, 2015): The trend of food trucks is booming across the nation. While there are many food trucks to choose from, most offer a limited selection of dishes that most customers have already seen and eaten before. Twisted Plates is looking to change that trend here in Orlando, FL. Their concept offers a twist on popular and common dishes; transforming ordinary food into culinary masterpieces! One of the appetizing dishes that they’ll be offering is the drunken chicken and waffle ravioli; a homemade pasta dough filled with braised chicken thighs, breaded in waffle crumbs, deep fried, and then smothered in a maple brandy reduction. Twisted Plates is also beginning to differentiate themselves from the typical food trucks out there because they bring yet another unique quality to the table; they have three owners/operators. This is great news for people who want to try an array of amazing dishes because this trio of chefs have a passion for food and each bring something fresh to the table.

custom food truck builder manufacturer vending mobile concessions trailer prestige trucks - twisted plates #2The three owner/operators: Christopher Leonas, Engilberto Olivera, and Mathew Skolnik had a vision for their concept and Prestige Food Trucks was the company that turned their dream into a reality. Prestige Food Trucks is the world’s leading custom food truck and trailer manufacturer. Prestige Food Trucks custom fabricates each mobile kitchen to meet the individual needs of the customer. They also pride themselves on the quality of their builds, fast turnaround times, and on the creativity of their projects; this is why Twisted Plates chose to go with Prestige Food Trucks. In a conversation I had with one of the owners of Twisted Plates, Christopher Leonas, had this to say about his experience with Prestige Food Trucks, “Prestige did a great job with the truck, from Ian helping with the marketing to Jordan and Brandon making sure everything on the truck fit our standards. The truck turned out beautiful and is a perfect symbol of what our company stands for. Cleanliness, creativity, appeals to the masses and most of all it possesses that “wow” factor, just like our food!”

As previously mentioned, Twisted Plates has three owners all with unique traits. Here’s a little background on each of the owners:

(Engilberto Olivera) – Berto possesses an extreme passion for food and always has. He has worked at a local theme park for over 8 years previous to this. While there he worked in various fine dining experiences, table service and quick service. He is also classically trained and has a degree in the culinary field.

(Mathew Skolnik) – Mat worked in restaurants most of his life. From running food, to serving, and even concierge service at a popular hotel in Key West. He then got hired as a manager at the same theme park that Chris and Berto worked at and this is where they all met.

(Christopher Leonas) – Chris always had a fascination with business and always enjoyed working with Chris’ dad in his. He started out working at a small diner and discovered that he loved working at professional restaurants. After the diner, he started working at Universal Studios and eventually left to work at a new theme park in the area.

custom food truck builder manufacturer vending mobile concessions trailer prestige trucks - twisted plates #3I asked Christopher Leonas, “Why did you choose to go with a food truck as opposed to opening a restaurant?”. He had this to say, “The reason we decided to go with a food truck is for a few reasons; A food truck would require much less capital than a restaurant. Also having this food truck allows us to do commercial catering in a number of more places now. The food truck fit every need we wanted and the mobility of it is something we really admired, instead of making the business come to you, you can go to the business!”.

If you have a start-up concept for a food truck/trailer or have an existing business that could benefit from one, then Prestige Food Trucks is the company to go with. Prestige Food Trucks built the Twisted Plates truck for three local entrepreneurs here in Orlando, FL but constantly builds and ships their custom manufactured food trucks/trailers throughout the country and the world.

About Prestige Food Trucks
Prestige Food Trucks is the world’s leading custom food truck & trailer builder/manufacturer. They’re based in Orlando, Florida, but they ship nationwide and internationally. Their commitment is to provide competitive pricing, top-notch quality and great customer service. Prestige Food Truck also maintains, repairs, leases, and rents premium mobile/food trucks to a wide range of clientele from sole-proprietors to nationwide chains. Food Trucks may be fully customized or for sale as is, FOOD TRUCKS FOR SALE! More information about Prestige Food Trucks is available online at

Prestige Food Trucks
Christopher Adams
Director of Business Development
[email protected]


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