Cloud Money can save food trucks on credit card processing fees using nTrust

Written on October 6, 2014

Dougiedog Diner Truck is the First Food Truck in the World to embrace new Technology – nTrust (  Local technology company nTrust last week launched one of the first true digital cash platforms in Canada, Cloud Money TM, bringing Canadians one step closer to eliminating the use of physical cash.  With the launch of nTrust’s new mobile app on iTunes and Google Play. Dougiedog is making digital payments a reality.

DougieDog diner truck custom food truck builder manufacturer vending mobile concessions trailer prestige trucksCloud Money differs from an e-wallet or mobile payment platform by enabling consumers to pay merchants for goods and services directly and instantly with just a few taps on their phone, eliminating the need for payment processing terminals.

Popular Vancouver food truck Dougiedog, whose success has led to features on Dragon’s Den and Eat Street, has experienced the evolution of cashless payments first hand and has partnered with nTrust to offer customers the next iteration in digital payment methods.

cloud money custom food truck builder manufacturer vending mobile concessions trailer prestige trucksIn the words of Dougiedog owner and celebrity Dougieluv, “Firstly, nTrust allows us to connect to our customers on a first name basis. We are always on the cutting edge of everything we do, and this app is perfect for our business and our clientele. It not only allows us to save money on our user fees, but it more importantly provides a quick and easy option for our customers, who are always number one in our books!”

If you want to know what all the excitement and all the hype is about, head to 1133 Melville Street (off Thurlow) downtown Vancouver, this Wednesday, September 17th  between noon and 2pm, armed with your smart phone and data plan.  You can then download the nTrust app where an nTrust rep will present you with a code so that $5.00 can be taken off your already discounted lunch order!  This is a great chance to taste Dougiedog all-natural gourmet hot dogs and our super famous Dougiedog butterscotch root beer….. or get your Dougiedog fix!

nTrust App Video from nTrust on Vimeo.

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