Fresh Stop Bus- The First Bus Built By Prestige Food Trucks. August 2014 – Blog Post

Written on August 8, 2014

August 2014 – Fresh Stop Bus- The First Bus Built By Prestige Food Trucks

Prestige Food Trucks is working on an innovative and exciting project. Prestige is already known to be the world’sfresh stop bus custom food truck builder manufacturer vending mobile concessions trailer prestige trucks leading custom food truck & trailer builder, and now they can pride themselves in mastering buses, as well!

The new Fresh Stop Bus is currently being built at Prestige’s shop in Orlando, FL, and the whole idea behind the project is to provide various neighborhoods with healthy and affordable food options! The bus will be a mobile farmer’s market where people will be able to come and shop for fresh and local products at a convenient location.

Farmer’s markets are already loved for their functionality and unbeatable prices, but many people get discouraged to shop at a farmer’s market when they have to drive miles and miles to find one. Well, now this problem is solved. The Fresh Stop Bus, built by Prestige Food Trucks will offer low-income neighborhoods the chance to shop smart without having to spill any gas to do so.

Giving people a chance to buy healthy products at a fair price can eventually change the reality of a whole community. Many families aren’t used to buying fruits and vegetables, because they simply can’t afford it. But that doesn’t mean they wouldn’t love the opportunity to change their eating habits. When kids grow up eating well, they pass on these habits to their children. And that is how a healthy culture is formed!

Just to clarify, the bus won’t offer better prices because the products are of inferior quality. The prices are smaller because it costs less to build and operate a bus than it does to run a brick-and-mortar grocery store. It’s easy math; if they spend less, they’re able to pass on that discount to the public.


Follow Prestige Food Trucks on Facebook to hear more about the Fresh Stop Bus and which locations will be served by it when the bus is ready. For a sneak peak on how the bus is coming along, check out!



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