Prestige Food Trucks On TV – Channel 13 and FOX 35. February 2014

Written on February 21, 2014

Channel 13 Interview!

One Central Florida company is trying to change the food truck industry by feeding the appetites of the entire world by making the trucks in downtown Orlando. News 13’s Bicarri Savage found out how the company wants to transform the way people see and use food trucks.

So many choices, in one place, brought to you by a food truck. But did you ever think about where it came from? Where it was built you mean? I would guess some place locally. Craig Menkhus and his wife Louise, are eating from VooDoo kitchen, on a truck which was made in Orlando, which is feeding the appetite of not only Central Florida, but also the country and even the world. On our way to Moscow Russia, this truck is going to Dallas, Fort Worth, Texas. This truck is going to Jacksonville, Florida.

Jordan Schild and Jeremy Adams are with Prestige Food Trucks, and although food trucks are welcome at events like the Lake Mary Festival of the Arts, some operators have faced oppositions in certain locations, but now this duo is trying to change that and take this concept to the next level. The food truck pod are basically permanent locations in a strategic area where food trucks pay rent to essentially a land lord and there’s 15-20 trucks. A truck with Chinese and Mexican and even Cajun food in the same place all the time.

For entrepreneurial chefs like Kevin Brune, it could be a life changer. I actually had jobs in events and entertainment management for the longest time and cooking was a hobby. And with a price tag starting at $45,000 your hobby can take off too, maybe even to Moscow like this truck’s destination. I hope they have heaters inside of it for Moscow.

If Adams and Schild get their way, you wont have to travel to Moscow or even all over town to get your favorite dish because you can find it in a pod in Lake Mary. Bicarri Savage, News 13.

Fox 35 Interview!

Prestige Food Trucks FOX 35

Not just the food that has people lining up at the food trucks around Central Florida, it’s the look, it’s the style of the truck as well. There’s a local company that’s actually tracking out the food trucks, like trick out my ride. That’s it, trick my food truck. David Martin is live in downtown Orlando at Prestige Food Trucks.

Ok, I’ve made my guess on which type of truck you guys are building out there. Alright, hold that thought, we’ll get to that in a second. Were at the corner of central and division, as you mentioned at Prestige Food Trucks, built with a bite, and they’ve only been in business for like 9 months, maybe 10 months. They’ve had to move now twice, this is their third location. Why? Because their growing by leaps and bounds. They’ve got to keep up with the demand, and their doing it. They build three or four trucks concurrently at the same time.

Good morning, Jordan Schild. Jordan, we’re standing in front of a new truck. Yea, this is a 2013 Ultilimaster, it’s all Ford basically inside and out. Were sending this truck over to Russia. My goodness, over to Russia. Ok so pal, your going back there, watch your antenna when you get in there its kind of, there it goes. Alright, so what kind of food is going to go inside this food truck? They’ll be doing a lot of Russian home-style cooking, but they’ll have every piece of equipment that every five-star restaurant will. It’ll be clean, it’ll be good, it’ll have plenty of options for the chefs that cook. Right, exactly. Oh, it’s important.

Now it terms of the graphic design for them, do you help them come up with that? Right, exactly. We have our own graphic design team, we actually have on staff here 24/7. Whoa! So if I have an idea for a food truck, you guys can take me from top to bottom and get me in business. Yes, definitely, from the start of the business to your first day of cooking, we can take care of you. And what would it cost to get me into the industry? Our beginning trucks starts anywhere from between about $55,000 and works our way up all the way in the hundreds of thousands. And how long does it take to get a truck? Anywhere from about six to eight weeks really just depending on what we got. If you have the money you get it fast. Oh yea, definitely. Depending on how quickly it gets funded, we get it done faster.

Alright, so this truck is a used truck, and you bought it used, you’ll sell it to the new client there of course, it will be complete. John and Amy, this is the truck I had you try to visualize. Can you tell me what you think might go in here? Alright, well to me it looks stainless, like I mean refrigerated, I’m going to say ice cream maybe? I’m going BBQ. Amy is going with ice cream and John is going with BBQ. Neither of you are right, but Jordan will tell us what. This is a grilled cheese truck that’s going to Tulsa, Oklahoma. The Oklahoma Cheese Guy is the Guy’s name. Great guy, works out of Tulsa. So that’s what it is, it will be all for grilled cheese. That’s a trend right now, grilled cheese, yea it is.

And so are food trucks, these are the guys to come to if you want to get into the business. And the website is my friend, and like us on Facebook. And in February real quick, what are you going to do? March, 29th and 30th Generation Food Trucks and Prestige Food Trucks are throwing the largest food truck rally in the Tampa fairgrounds. Not only the largest, this record breaking. They had a Guinness World Record Broken win in August 31st. We’ve had 99 trucks, we’ve already eclipsed that in just pre registration. They’re only in there mid twenties, these guys, I mean they’re ones to watch as they say. Jordan, thank you very much for your time.

David, how is Jordan going to get the food truck to Russia? That’s a good question Amy, lets ask him. Jordan, how are you going to get that food truck to Russia? We’ll actually take it down to Miami and we have a private transporter that picks it up in Miami and they’ll ship it overseas. They’ll go directly from here. It’s going to be shipped not planed. So you’ll put it on a big ship, and ship it over that way. SO it took a few days on the water. It’s actually a 2 week process to take it from Miami and get it over to Russia. Whoa! Pretty amazing stuff. Food truck Thursday in Moscow!



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