2013 Chevrolet Diesel 16ft Food Truck – $123,000

Truck Description: This food truck is packed with some of the best equipment around. If you have aspirations to cook a lot of amazing food on your new food truck, serve a ton of guests in a short time period and make a lot of money. This food truck has the capacity to do exactly that. For only $123,000 this food truck for sale is a very good long term investment for your new or already existing business. Food trucks are the perfect startup for chefs turned entrepreneurs, or even an existing business looking to expand. From a monetary standpoint, the food truck industry is perfect for entrepreneurs. Not only is a food truck cheaper than a sit-down restaurant, which is typically what culinary entrepreneurs first look at when joining the food industry, but a lunch truck also has cheaper overhead costs, meaning, in a nutshell, the day-to-day costs will be cheaper. What’s not to love about that? There is a ton of money to be made. While the food truck industry isn’t necessarily a get-rich-quick scheme, if you know a lot about business and cooking, and you also aren’t afraid to hustle (you’re an entrepreneur, so of course you aren’t afraid to hustle), then you can make some serious dough as a food truck owner.

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