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2018 Ford Gasoline 22ft Food Truck – $170,000

This is a state of the art food truck. Custom equipped with just about everything you need to feed a small crowd or manage an entire event. It's important to invest in yourself and your business early on with food trucks, so you don't end up paying for it in the long haul with repairs. If your business is able to fit a brand new food truck like this in it's budget, then this is an investment you absolutely have to make. This food truck just needs your custom vinyl wrap on it and it will be ready to ship to your doorstep!

2013 Chevrolet Diesel 16ft Food Truck – $123,000

This food truck is packed with some of the best equipment around. If you have aspirations to cook a lot of amazing food on your new food truck, serve a ton of guests in a short time period and make a lot of money. This food truck has the capacity to do exactly that. For only $123,000 this food truck for sale is a very good long term investment for your new or already existing business. Food trucks are the perfect startup for chefs turned entrepreneurs, or even an existing business looking to expand. From a monetary standpoint, the food truck industry is perfect for entrepreneurs. Not only is a food truck cheaper than a sit-down restaurant, which is typically what culinary entrepreneurs first look at when joining the food industry, but a lunch truck also has cheaper overhead costs, meaning, in a nutshell, the day-to-day costs will be cheaper. What’s not to love about that? There is a ton of money to be made. While the food truck industry isn’t necessarily a get-rich-quick scheme, if you know a lot about business and cooking, and you also aren’t afraid to hustle (you’re an entrepreneur, so of course you aren’t afraid to hustle), then you can make some serious dough as a food truck owner.

2014 Freightliner Diesel 18ft Food Truck – $119,000

This food truck is for sale and is located in Elkhart, IN. We do offer shipping worldwide. And we can help with financing. The food truck cost for this build is $119,000. Your food truck menu doesn't matter with this build because there is a variety of great food truck cooking equipment already installed. We use TRUE and American Range as our trusted supplies for our equipment, the top brands in the industry. And we use the reliable Comins Onan generators so that you have minimal risk as a customer. This food truck is looking sleek with a brand new stainless steel interior, along with chrome wheels. This freightliner step van has plenty of space and is ideal for any entrepreneurial chef. Some of the equipment you can expect are a 36" Griddle, 24" Char Grill and a 4 Burner Stove with plenty of prep space for before and during those really busy events. We are the world's leading food truck manufacturer, so a purchase with us a good step in the right direction for your future.

2011 Chevy Gasoline 18ft Food Truck – $89,500 – Ready To Be Vinyl Wrapped & Shipped To You!

This 2009 workhorse stepvan is the perfect food truck. Whether you are a seasoned veteran in the space and you're looking to expand, or if you are new to the industry and want to get started out. This food truck is affordable and can make you a lot of money. The build is brand new, but the vehicle itself is used and has 80,000 original miles on it. With the two American Range deep fryers this thing is equipped with, if you have fried goods on your food truck menu, you can be assured that this will get the job done. The food truck also has a TRUE refrigerator and TRUE freezer to maintain your product at the perfect temperature. And while this food truck is packed with equipment, there is still plenty of storage and prep space. This food truck is going for a very reasonable $89,500. The cost and the pure value from this food truck, makes this for a very desirable prospect. The brand new vinyl wrap is not included in the selling price.

2018 Ford Gasoline 22ft Food Truck – $185,000

This brand new 22ft food truck is top of the line. Not only is the food truck build custom manufactured and brand new, but the vehicle itself is brand new too. So that means you won't have to waste your time worrying about many mechanical issues arising. This is a Ford stepvan, which is gasoline operated. The layout of this food truck is done to maximize efficiency when operating during peak performance. This allows the customer to maximize their profits. This would be an ideal catering food truck or a food truck to be used a public events or gatherings. Between the 15KW generator, 3 AC units, abundance of cooking equipment like the sandwich prep and American Range griddle and not to mention the enormous amount of work space. You are definitely getting your money's worth with this food truck, that would be sure to last you a long time.

2015 Ford Gasoline 18ft Food Truck – $109,000

It's all about customization when it comes to your business and your life. If you're going to make the great move to purchase a food truck then you'll probably want the food truck layout to be what you want. And that's what this food truck is all about. We are the world's leading food truck manufacturer and rightfully so. We offer excellent customer service and the ability to custom manufacturer the build the way you want it. For $109,000 you are able to get this 2011 Ford step van which has been gorgeously customized into a ready to run business. The stepvan is gasoline and is 18ft in length. This 18ft length is just the right amount to get the job done in an efficient manner. The double steam well station in this build allows you to crush it a high performance events. Where you can prep fresh food and have it ready at the perfect temperature for your customers. The price does not include the vinyl wrap or sales tax.

2012 Ford Gasoline 18ft Food Truck – $109,000

This 2010 Ford step van is immaculate. Though the body is 7 years old, the vehicle is in tremendous shape and the brand new mobile kitchen could not have turned out any better. The stainless steel interior gives you and the customer walking away thinking that this is a brand new truck and you'll be saving a lot of money in the process. For only $109,000 this food truck can be yours. Packed with a 6 burner stove with oven, two TRUE sandwich prep units, a 36" flat top grill and much more. This build gives you the versatility to work almost any food truck menu you desire and serve a variety of customers. We manufactured this vehicle in Elkhart, IN where it is currently awaiting it's buyer. The floor plan that we used as a base for this build is one of our more popular layouts, so you can be sure to crush the competition and have low serving times during peak service hours. The price does not include shipping, tax or the vinyl wrap. We can work with you to get the perfect vinyl wrap of your dreams that will really stand out and represent your business.

2009 Ford Gasoline 18ft Pizza Food Truck – $89,000

Is your dream to sell pizza out of a food truck and make a lot of money? Then this may very well be the perfect food truck for you! This 2007 Ford step van is housing an amazing mobile kitchen that comes equipped with a Garland double deck pizza oven, TRUE refrigerator, TRUE freezer, 48" pizza prep fridge, 3 compartment sink with hand wash sink and more. If you're looking to start out with a mid-sized build that isn't too expensive but still nails it on the quality, this is the perfect build for you. This food truck cost is not too much and the layout is superb in order to maximize efficiency within the mobile kitchen. You won't want to miss this food truck for sale because it won't be here long. The price for this food truck is only $89,000 and doesn't include vinyl wrap or taxes. This mobile food truck is perfect if you're selling pizza!

2011 Ford Gasoline 18ft Food Truck – $94,500

Are you looking to get the most bang for your buck? Then you are at the right food truck page. This is a happy-medium of reducing the price for our customer without having to lose any quality. This build is a measly $94,500 but has a lot to it. It's a 2009 Ford step van and it 18ft long which give it the distance to put in a lot of good professional cooking equipment for the food truck. There are two Royal 12" char grills in this bad boy along with a 48" wide flat top and a 50lb deep fryer. And that's just a few of the offerings for this build. The versatility of the different equipment allows the operator to cook a variety of different food truck menus. Changing your menu on your food truck is key with the ever growing food truck industry, it really helps you stand out and give you the ability to capitalize on your investment. The Power Tech gasoline generator is a trusted generator that will keep your business going even with a lot of use.

2008 Ford Gasoline 18ft Food Truck – $86,000

Just because this food truck cost only $86,000 doesn't mean it's all that bad. It's actually quite the opposite! This food truck was built using a 2005 Ford step van as the body for the build. Then we loaded it with double 50lb fryers and two Royal 24" flat top griddles. Want to do breakfasts or switch things up? We've got you covered with this Avantco bread toaster! We know it can get hot in a food truck, that's why we are trying to keep things cool for you. We packed in two AC units for this build along with the hood exhaust system which allows for maximum amount of cooling while you are cooking. I'm sure you have some food items to hold while you're on your way to the event. We've got you covered there too with a TRUE freezer and a TRUE fridge. And don't forget about the 36" sandwich fridge prep unit which is a great addition to any kitchen. This food truck is a steal for only $86,000.

2010 Chevy Gasoline 14ft Food Truck – $89,000

Want something small that packs a punch? This one is for you my friend. Sitting at only 14ft this food truck just fits in the essentials. But don't let that underestimate you. These 14ft were maximized and calculated to ensure that you can have a good work flow and make the best use out of the space provided. We placed a Royal 50lb deep fryer, a huge 60" Vulcan flat top griddle, TRUE refrigerator and an AC unit to keep you cool while you work. If you're looking for an entry level build that is nothing but the best, you've found it. And we made sure to throw in the industry's best generator with  a commercial Cummins Onan. This 2008 Chevy gasoline step van houses a petite, but perfect build for the right food truck client. The food truck cost at $89,000 is one you don't want to miss out on.

2009 Chevy Gasoline 16ft Food Truck – $86,000

When you decide to make the big purchasing decision of getting a food truck, you want to ensure that you build with a trusted builder and get it manufactured right. Well Prestige Food Trucks is the world's leading food truck manufacturer. We make sure the food truck ordering process is as easy as possible for all of all clients, no matter how little or much as you spend. And if you're looking to save money with this build, we will treat you like someone who paid $250,000. Everything on your truck will be up to code and we can assist you with making sure the truck is ready to be operated in your own jurisdiction because laws differ in different places. We have worked with many clients and many different food trucks so we have the experience to make sure the process is a smooth one when you decide to purchase one of our food trucks. That's why purchasing this $86,000 amazing food truck at this low cost is a fantastic proposition for you.

2006 Freightliner Diesel 18ft Food Truck – $83,000.00

Okay so you want to start a food truck business but you're a little tight on funds? Look no further! This is a solid build for the price. We maximize every dollar spent on this build so that you can get the most value for the price. We use an older step van as the base for the food truck, this is a 2004 Freightliner diesel 18ft food truck. We make sure the food truck is certified and ready to operate in your locale. And we jam pack this large vehicle with a lot of amazing food truck equipment for you to work with. A TRUE refrigerator, TRUE freezer, American Range 6 burner w/ oven, American Range flat top griddle, American Range radiant broiler and a 3 bay propane steam table to keep all of that delicious food fresh and ready. And we finish this vehicle with a nice sleek look by using stainless steel walls, counter tops and equipment stands. And at the heart of the food truck build, the generator is a nice Cummins Onan. The food truck cost is $83,000. Reach out to us, Prestige Food Trucks, the world's leading food truck manufacturer for more information on how to buy a food truck.

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