Things You Can Expect When You Become A Food Truck Owner

Written on October 24, 2018

Food Truck Owner

People become food truck owners for different reasons. Some people want to open a mobile kitchen business because they want to cook food and run a kitchen for a living. Some people enter this industry in hopes of someday selling their food truck. Some people enter because they want to supplement their income and grow the awareness and brand of their restaurants.

No matter what the case might be, you should expect the seven things below when you become a food truck owner.

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Things You Can Expect When You Become A Food Truck Owner

  • Long Days And Weeks
  • Unexpected Problems Will Arise
  • At The Same Time, Monotony
  • People Who Aren’t Happy With Your Food Or Service
  • People Who Are Happy With Both
  • Learning That Cooking And Serving Are Just The Beginning
  • Fulfillment

7.) Long Days And Weeks

If you plan on being an investor and nothing else (this is an option for entrepreneurs, restaurant franchise owners, etc.), then you won’t have to worry about this route — well, at least when it comes to being in a food truck.

For everyone else who plans on succeeding in this industry, long days and weeks are going to be the norm. Food truck owners are known for logging a ton of hours (aka double-digit hours on workdays) at their food trucks, not only because of work at the food truck but work when your truck isn’t open (such as searching for new locations, social media, website work, menu work, etc.).

6.) Unexpected Problems Will Arise

This, unfortunately, is the case with any business. Yes, your plan is to follow your dreams and work in a dream field, but that doesn’t mean there won’t be bumps in the road.

For example, you could get a flat tire (because of a literal bump in the road), a catering client could cancel on you last minute, an employee could quit, a bad review could arise, it could rain — an endless amount of things could go wrong. The key is planning ahead and preparing mentally for these types of roadblocks.

You have to be adaptable if you plan on achieving success and turning misfortunes into fortunes.

5.) At The Same Time, Monotony

While unexpected things are going to happen at your food truck business (whether good or bad), there will be a lot of monotony.

In the grand scheme of things, when you’re open, you’re going to be doing the same thing: Cooking food and serving customers. And when you’re doing this for hours on end, burnout (or boredom) could take place.

With that said, cooking is likely your passion. Not to mention, the customers and your employees will make it fun and worthwhile. Plus, you might be traveling to different places and events which could help to change things up.

4.) People Who Aren’t Happy With Your Food Or Service

You can’t please everyone.

Some people aren’t going to like their meal. Sometimes, your employees aren’t going to say the right things to customers (or at least not give customers the answers they want to hear). It’s part of running a food business.

That’s the bad news.

The good news is that there are plenty of good things that will happen when you become a food truck owner, such as the following…

3.) People Who Are Happy With Both

While you have to take suggestions and complaints into account (especially when they involve your food or customer service), you also need to focus on the positives. For the most part, people will love your food and customer service will be a strength.

You’re a chef, you have amazing recipes that are unique and people are going to come back for more and tell their friends and family all about their experience at your truck.

There will be bad reviews and not everyone is going to like your food, but for the most part, those things aren’t going to ring true — people are going to be happy with your food and customer service.

Food Truck Owner

2.) Learning That Cooking And Serving Are Just The Beginning

If you’re a restaurant owner already, then this isn’t going to be an issue. If this is your first business, or if you aren’t business savvy, then you will find out in no time that cooking and serving aren’t your only jobs.

You’ll also have to deal with inventory, paying employees, setting up locations/catering gigs, dealing with food truck maintenance, social media and many other important things that come into play when running a successful business.

You entered this industry because of the food and people, but those aren’t the only aspects. That could be a good thing, though, because you might end up enjoying the other aspects of running a food truck business and they can also help to keep things fresh and change up the day.

1.) Fulfillment

The No. 1 thing you can expect when becoming a food truck owner: Being fulfilled. That’s the main reason you want to enter this industry, right? To work at a job you love, to be your own boss, to be in control of your own destiny, to cook food (which is your passion). These things will all lead to fulfillment, a sense of purpose, and that will make becoming a food truck owner worth every penny, despite the fact that unexpected things, as stated above, will arise from time to time.

Being an owner and working in an industry that’s as exciting as the food truck industry can lead to every day being exactly what you envisioned. Add in the fact that you’re making people happy with your meals and it’s no wonder why this industry is booming.

Embrace it all and enjoy the journey.

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