Reasons To Join The Mobile Kitchen Industry With A High-End Food Truck

Written on October 10, 2018

Food Truck

Many aspiring food truck owners want to join the food truck industry as fast as possible. They want to become mobile kitchen owners and then figure things out once they enter the industry. Some restaurants/owners that take their talents to the food truck industry want to save money, so they consider purchasing a cheap food truck and doing work on it along the way.

While everyone’s path is different, we encourage aspiring owners, whether this is your first business or 20th, to join the mobile kitchen industry with a high-end food truck.

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Reasons To Join The Mobile Kitchen Industry With A High-End Food Truck

  • A Cheap Food Truck Could Cost More Money In The Long Run
  • A High-End Truck Will Fit Your Wants And Needs
  • First Impressions Are Important

A Cheap Food Truck Could Cost More Money In The Long Run

We understand that business owners and entrepreneurs want to save money, but a cheap food truck could cost more money in the long run.

Sure, you could always purchase a nice vinyl wrap to make your truck look good on the outside, but, in this case, what’s on the inside is more important. Your truck is a vehicle, and if it hasn’t been maintained properly, or is simply older, then you might have to do work on it … or it could break down at any moment.

If your truck does break down for any reason, then you will, of course, have to fix it. The fix could involve the truck itself or your food truck equipment. Regardless of what needs to be fixed, if your truck has to go to the shop, you won’t be able to cook or sell food which means you won’t be able to make any money. In an even worse case, your truck could break down on the way to a location or catering job. If that happens, then you will not only lose out on sales but your credibility could take a hit as well since you will have to cancel whatever you had planned. This could lead to a company/client not hiring you again, a business not inviting you back or customers simply not eating at your truck in the future.

A cheap food truck might sound appealing because you can save money initially, but it could end up being very costly in the long run.

A High-End Truck Will Fit Your Wants And Needs

If you purchase a high-end food truck from a place like Prestige Food Trucks, then it will fit your wants and needs. We work with you to not only build the truck of your dreams but to also make sure your truck has all of the proper equipment to run your food business.

Plus, “We are certified to build in all 50 states and will work with you to ensure your food truck or concession trailer to pass all local health and fire codes.”

As is the case with most high-end food trucks, you will be able to customize your truck and it will also be reliable.

The food truck is the foundation of your business, and it should fit your wants and needs as a result. We want you to fall in love with your truck and enjoy cooking at it, and we believe a high-end food truck will help achieve those goals.

Food Truck

First Impressions Are Important

In fact, some people say first impressions are everything.

While not all cheap food trucks are the same — there are cheap food trucks that not only look great but also run well, and there are cheap trucks that look like rust buckets — customers should look at your truck and want to eat at it. The last thing they should think about is how bad your truck looks and associate that with your food.

This is your business and it should look, run and feel like a business. A high-end food truck could do wonders in this department. Not to mention, your truck acts like a mobile billboard for your business.

While there are many factors that go into account when it comes to a first-time customer turning into a return customer (such as the taste of the food, customer service, the environment, convenience, cost, etc.), the last thing you should worry about is the way your truck looks in a bad way. You should be at ease because your food truck looks top-notch … not nervous because the looks of it are scaring prospective customers away.

At the very least, your truck needs to be able to get the job done well and that’s where all-star equipment in the kitchen comes into play.

There are many reasons to purchase a high-end food truck. The three reasons above are just the beginning.

Not sure what to look for during the food truck buying search? Make sure to read the article below (preview included) to help you get started.

5 Questions To Ask Yourself During The Food Truck Buying Search


“2. I Don’t Know What My Food Truck All Needs … What Should I do?

You might be an otherworldly chef, but that doesn’t mean you specialize in food truck equipment/what your truck all needs — well, at least not at first. So, how are you supposed to know what your truck all needs to operate (no, we aren’t talking about a fryer and things of that nature, because you are probably well aware of those types of equipment … we’re talking about things like the generator)?

Well, we will say this: Do your research. Also, Prestige Food Trucks can help you out every step of the way when it comes to the build of your truck and what you will all need to make your kitchen fully functional.”

If you would like a quote, Prestige has you covered. Follow this link to request a custom quote.

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